Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Game: New Details Revealed at DC FanDome

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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Poster

Rocksteady has been well known as the studio behind the hit Batman Arkham games, essentially redefining superhero games for the modern era. Now that Warner Bros. Montreal is onto the Batman games, Rocksteady has hung up its cape and cowl in favor of a new DC project. 

Titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, little has been revealed about the new game apart from the title, but given Rocksteady’s history the game is likely going to bring epic gameplay styles for Suicide Squad’s various members. It seems the game will pit the iconic hero and villain teams against each other, with the Suicide Squad being tasked to assassinate the Justice League.

DC fans have been waiting to see how Rocksteady's latest title will play out, and new details have finally arrived. 


More gameplay details and footage have now been revealed during DC Fandome's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League panel, which will likely answer many burning questions.

A cinematic trailer has been revealed for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The trailer is set in Metropolis and features Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Deadshot. The trailer ends with revealing who the Squad's alpha target is which seems to be an evil version of Superman.

The release date is set for 2022. 

Lego Batman voice actor Will Arnett is taking part in a discussion with the game characters. Each character introduces themselves, which could give clues to their gameplay styles. Harley has an affinity for explosives and baseball bat combat, King Shark is a demigod and king of the oceans, Deadshot is a marksman and showed jetpack powers in the trailer and Captain Boomerang has a returning Boomerang as a weapon.

The task for the team is to kill the Justice League which will earn the team a full pardon. It seems that on top of Superman, Batman and The Flash may be targets. 

The game will be a continuation of the Arkham-verse that Rocksteady created in the Batman Arkham games. The team wanted to explore flawed characters, which inspired them to take on the Suicide Squad. The developers wanted to put characters in impossible situations, which is why the task is to kill the Justice League. 

The game is a hybrid of superhero empowerment and awesome gun play. Each squad member will have unique abilities, skills and move-sets. Players will be able to modify and update weapons and moves as they play and there will be a whole spectrum of possibilities for players to use. 

The team is excited about bringing the city of Metropolis to life. The city has life and details that "have never been done before in any medium."

The game is a 1-4 co-op game. It can be played entirely as a single player or cooperatively with friends. Players can take the role of the four squad members and when playing in single-player, players can change which character they want to play as instantly. 

Will Arnett also wants a role in the game and may appear as an NPC. 


It looks like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will bring the best parts of the Arkham games and build on them for one of the most famous villain teams. The introduction of the Justice League will also be a huge feature of the game, as player's are asked to assassinate some of their favorite heroes. Why exactly the Justice League need to be wiped out is something that hasn't been revealed just yet. 

Thanks to the success of the Suicide Squad in the DCEU, particularly with the upcoming sequel The Suicide Squad, basing a game on the iconic team is a good choice. Players will have the chance to embody four iconic team members and play with friends as they explore an open-world Metropolis.

The game will also be set in the established Arkham-verse, which will invite some interesting callbacks to the Arkham games. The secret ending of Arkham Knight may finally be explained in the Suicide Squad game, seeing as the recently announced Gotham Knights won't be canon to the Arkham games.

Unfortunately, the game won't release until 2022 but that gives Rocksteady plenty of time to create a game worth waiting for. 

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