CW's Batman Spin-off, Gotham Knights, Receives Promising Update

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Batman is back at the forefront of comic book media thanks to The Batman and a couple of highly-anticipated spin-offs, and that popularity is helping the character push forward in other areas as well. There's even a Batman spin-off series in development entitled Gotham Knights for The CW, classically known as a home for DC content with the long-standing Arrowverse.

Gotham Knights won't be connected to the Arrowverse in any way - instead, it looks to tell its own story based on lesser-known characters in the Caped Crusader's extended gallery. The show will revolve around Bruce Wayne's adoptive son who forms an unlikely team comprised of Batman villains' offspring to try to avenge his death, including siblings Harper and Cullen Row.

Set videos from Gotham Knights have teased some exciting developments that fans should expect to see on screen, although there are no signs pointing to how secure the show's future is on The CW. Now, in the midst of some major changes for The CW and Warner Bros. alike, the series just got a quite positive update ahead of its undisclosed premiere date.

Gotham Knights Gets Full-Season Order

Gotham Knights

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Gotham Knights has been picked up for a full series order at The CW.

The show is one of three pilots to get a full series order, along with two prequel shows in The Winchesters and Independence, although they were the only three to get picked up into series. This comes amidst massive changes for The CW thanks to the merger between parent companies Warner Bros. and Discovery, which are looking to sell the network.

Great News for Gotham Knights Series

The world of DC programming is going through some major changes right now thanks to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, leaving the future somewhat questionable for numerous TV shows and movies. Thankfully, even with fewer pilots being picked up on the TV side, Gotham Knights came out in a positive light with a full first season confirmed to air on The CW.

At the moment, it's still unclear how many episodes will comprise Season One or when it will even begin airing after it completes filming. Fans are also curious to see how much influence the widely-popular Gotham Knights video game series has on what comes into play on the small screen, especially since they're not expected to be connected in any way.

Even with all those questions, there should be plenty of excitement from the fact that Gotham Knights will be on the air for at least one season after this move. The CW will have the opportunity to explore this uniquely dark story with a whole set of new heroes and villains as a new corner of the Batman legacy comes into the light.

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