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As Warner Bros. (WB) and DC build up to a full-on DCU rebuild, there is still plenty of movies and TV from the super-powered brand to be excited about in 2023. 

Coming over the next 12 months will be the final four DCU films of this era of the franchise, six TV series, and even one HBO Max special. 

It's going to be a busy one, so here's a breakdown of everything coming from WB and DC throughout the next year. 


Shazam! Fury of the Gods - March 17

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The most imminent of DC Studios' theatrical releases is Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The Shazam! sequel will again focus on Zachary Levi's teenage hero, as he and his friends find themselves occupying god-like Shazam bodies. After doing away with Mark Strong's Thaddeus Sivana in the first film, this time around the Shazam family will go up against the villainous daughters of Atlas, played by Helen Mirren, Rachel Zegler, and Lucy Liu

While the future of David F. Sandberg's superhero film franchise remains unclear, as DC readies its "broad but not blanket reset," fans are highly anticipating Shazam! 2, with a second trailer for the film coming any day now

The Flash - June 16

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Kicking off DC's blockbuster summer is Ezra Miller's The Flash. After years of appearing in the DCU as Barry Allen, Miller will finally get the chance to lead their own solo film with director Andy Muschietti's multiversal epic. 

For years now, The Flash has been branded as a 'reset' for the DC Universe, and that seems to be even more the case here in 2023. Being one of the final films of this current evolution of the DCU, Miller's Scarlet Speedster will hopefully go out with a bang, adapting the heralded Flashpoint comic story, alongside the likes of Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl

Blue Beetle - August 18

blue beetle
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Making his big screen debut as a part of DC's 2023 slate is Blue Beetle (aka Jaime Reyes). The teenage hero, played by Xolo Maridueña, gains superpowers after he "finds an alien beetle" that "[binds] itself to his spine to furnish him with a suit of extra-terrestrial armor."

The project will see Hollywood mainstay Susan Sarandon play the villain, Victoria Kord, with the likes of George Lopez, Bruna Marquezine, Belissa Escobedo, and Harvey Guillen rounding out the cast. A lot of Blue Beetle still remains under wraps, but Angel Manuel Soto's DC blockbuster has reportedly been getting promising reactions out of test screens, with audiences calling the film "super entertaining."

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - December 25

aquaman 2
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And rounding out DC's 2023 theatrical calendar - and in turn, this current era of DC filmmaking - is James Wan's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The aquatic sequel welcomes Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry back for another big-screen adventure, as he has to forge an unlikely alliance to take down Black Manta yet again

Chatter online has been that after Lost Kingdom, DC will be done with Momoa's take on the character - with the actor becoming a "pivotal figure" playing another DC character going forward. So, it will be fascinating to see if the Aquaman sequel will offer DC fans any sort of closure on this phase of storytelling.

TV Shows:

The Flash (Season 9) - February 8

The Flash CW
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Debuting on February 8 is the final season of The CW's The Flash. After nearly a decade of playing the character, Grant Gustin will take his final run as Barry Allen, aka the Flash. 

The series' final season has been teased to include "plenty of twists, guest stars, and surprises," with the likes of Arrowverse figurehead Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) coming out of retirement for the festivities. It's a season of television that will have Arrowverse fans glued to their screens and one that hopefully will offer a fitting send-off for one of the franchise's biggest names. 

Superman & Lois (Season 3) - March 14

superman lois
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Next on The CW's super-powered schedule is Season 3 of Superman & Lois. After two moderately successful seasons on the network, the Kent family will look a little different this time around with Jonathan Kent actor Jordan Elsass leaving the series and Michael Bishop taking over.

Season 3 of the Arrowverse spin-off is looking like it is going to be the show's biggest yet. Season 1 villain Atom-Man looks to be back for more fun, and series star Tyler Hoechlin teased that he'd love "to go up against Lex Luthor” if that opportunity were to arise. 

Gotham Knights - March 14

gotham knights
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Debuting on the same day as Superman & Lois Season 3 is the premiere of Gotham Knights. The CW's latest DC adventure will focus on the younger Bat Family who are reeling in the wake of Bruce Wayne's/Batman's death. 

Despite having a trailer officially released and a March 14 release date, not a tonne is actually known about the upcoming show. Aside from some casting news, including the inclusion of the Joker's daughter, Duela Dent and Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face), the entire project continues to remain shrouded in mystery, something that could play in its favor, building anticipation for its incoming debut. 

Doom Patrol (Season 4) - TBA

doom patrol
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After the first half of Doom Patrol Season 4 hit HBO Max in late 2022, the second half remains without an official release date for 2023. The latest installment of the DC streaming series sees the team venturing into a "fabulous alternate universe," taking on the new challenge of seeing an apocalypse-ravaged future where most of the Doom Patrol are already dead. 

While the future of the show remains questionable as major shakeups continue at DC and Warner Bros., showrunner Jeremy Carver has hinted that "as long as [there is] a fresh and inventive story to tell" the Doom Patrol will continue to be heard from. 

Harley Quinn (Season 4) - TBA

harley quinn season 4
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No official release date for Harley Quinn Season 4 has been revealed, but it has been confirmed to be on the way from HBO Max, with the tease that it will be "coming sooner than you think." The animated streaming show has quickly become one of the most beloved DC projects in recent memory. 

The super-powered satire has thrived under the tutelage of Kaley Cuoco's maniacal Harleen Quinzel, poking fun at everything from the Suicide Squad's Ayer Cut to Batman's love life. Whenever Harley Quinn Season 4 does end up coming this year, surely it will bring with it even more laughs on the back of Harley, Poison Ivy, King Shark and so many more. 

My Adventures with Superman - TBA

my adventures with superman
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Announced back in May 2021, My Adventures with Superman marks the next series in a long line of animated Superman projects. The show has been pitched as a coming-of-age story, following the early twenties of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen as they "discover who they are."

The project has cast The Boys star Jack Quaid in the titular role, with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist's Alice Lee playing Lois Lane. The Cartoon Network and HBO Max series has remained rather quiet, however, it still has that 2023 release date plastered upon up, so expect this series to debut sometime later this year. 

Batman: Caped Crusader - TBA

batman caped crusader
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After questions about its release, Batman: Caped Crusader recently received a promising update, with the potential for the animated series to launch on Amazon platforms and not HBO Max. Caped Crusader marks an exciting moment for fans of the Dark Knight, as the series has been branded as a spiritual successor to Bruce Timm's seminal Batman: The Animated Series

The project is being produced by J.J. Abrams, The Batman's Matt Reeves, and DC veteran Bruce Timm, telling a story that will be "thrilling, cinematic and evocative of Batman’s noir roots." There has been no official release timing announced for Caped Crusader, but a 2023 premiere still could happen. However, with the recent volatility at Warner Bros. and DC, it would not be all that surprising if it got pushed to 2024. 


Harley Quinn A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special - February 

harley quinn valentines
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Outside DC's and Warner's theatrical and TV output sits the Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special. This holiday special is set for an HBO Max debut this coming February, as Harley and Ivy "[celebrate] their very first Valentine’s Day together."

The streaming event takes place outside of Seasons 3 and 4 of HBO Max's animated comedy, seemingly playing a similar role to the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in the MCU, riding the gap between 2022's Season 3 and the upcoming Season 4. 

What's in Store for DC's 2023?

2023 is going to be a fascinating year for Warner Bros. (WB) and their DC on-screen efforts. As changes throughout WB continue to happen, nothing seems like a sure thing. 

However, one thing is for certain, this is going to be a year of chrysalis for the super-powered franchise. As many of the Arrowverse shows start to wind down, the last remaining legacy DCU blockbusters hit big screens, and newly appointed DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran develop/unveil their plan for the brand moving forward, this will be a year of goodbyes, also including some hellos. 

Whether fans are itching to see what is next for the likes of Jason Momoa or Ezra Miller's DC heroes, or just can't wait to finally see the Batman: Caped Crusader in all its animated glory, there is plenty to be excited about for DC's 2023. 

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