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Whether planned or not, Warner Bros. is on the verge of a Batman renaissance. The studio just released the hotly-anticipated The Batman in theaters, Batgirl will swing onto HBO Max later this year, and the studio is hard at work on a Gotham Knights TV series for the CW. That series has also just signed on its lead star and continues to round out its cast. 

Focusing on members of the Bat-Family as well as the offspring of some of Gotham's biggest and baddest criminals, Gotham Knights looks to tell the story of a Gotham City that does not have Bruce Wayne to help them. 

In the series, Bruce Wayne has been murdered, and one of his prodigies - along with a few other friendly faces - is left to pick up the pieces, and maybe in the process find out who was behind Wayne's death. 

One name that has already been attached to the project is Misha Collins, who will take on the role of Harvey Dent. It is still unknown if Collins' Dent will at some point become the villainous Two-Face, but fans may have their first hint on the matter. 

Is Two-Face in CW's Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights, Two-Face

During a recent appearance at SPN Indy Convention, via Heroic HollywoodGotham Knights star Misha Collins revealed that his version of Harvey Dent will not be Two-Face at least for the first season of the show. 

The CW actor said his character "will be Harvey Dent for the whole first year," but after that, he will "become Two-Face:"

If it gets picked up and turned into a series – which would be really cool – my character will be Harvey Dent for the whole first year, so I have a nice long stretch of not being two-faced. And then I become Two-Face! Yeah, I’m looking forward to it and I’ll be the old person on the show!”

Collins made sure to say that even though "Warner Bros. seems to be putting a lot into the pilot," they still very much are working on that initial pitch episode, so all this is only "If [Gotham Knights] gets picked up and turned into a series:"

“I can tell you that I’m playing Harvey Dent, which is a character from the Batman universe, who becomes Two-Face. I had a little compunction about that because I know my ex will be like ‘Fitting role!’ [laughs] That did actually cross my mind, I don’t want somebody to have such an easy insult for the rest of my life! Warner Bros. seems to be putting a lot into the pilot, it’s great, it seems like it has a great team behind it. For example, our costume designer did The Handmaid’s Tale, like really top-shelf people on the project."

The Downfall of Harvey Dent

This decision to have fans wait to see Harvey Dent become the dastardly Two-Face does make a lot of sense. It would feel awfully anti-climactic to just drop audiences into this world where Dent has already had his downfall. 

This, however, if the show were to get picked up, would offer the creators the opportunity to put that descent on-screen for fans to see. Two-Face, a villain whose whole schtick is his devotion to the two sides of a coin, works best when the viewer (or reader) gets to know Harvey first. 

It is then after rooting for Dent for some time, that the best Two-Face stories pull him away, creating the monster that is Two-Face. 

Something that is interesting to note here though, is that this likely crosses Dent's name off the list of possible Bruce Wayne killers. If he has not made his move over to the dark side when the series commences then it would likely mean he is off the list of suspects. 

Collins and his Gotham Knights co-stars will be seen soon enough when the show finally hits the CW.

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