First Look at The CW's Horrifying Two-Face Revealed by DC Show (Photos)

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Arrowverse Misha Collins Two-Face

The CW's Gotham Knights series finale featured the arrival of the iconic Batman villain Two-Face.

In Gotham Knights, Misha Collins plays Harvey Dent, aka the future Two-Face.  

Aside from highlighting the titular heroes, the Batman spin-off series also pushed the character to the forefront, teasing his path to villainy and ultimately showcasing his transformation into Two-Face.

'Gotham Knights' Unveils New Two-Face

The CW officially released the first looks at Misha Collins' Two-Face in the Gotham Knights series finale. 

In the show's final episode, Harvey Dent's evil side tried to kill a Court of Owls member and his ex-lover Rebecca March, but the latter threw a vial of acid at him that completed his transformation into the Batman villain: 

Misha Collins as Two-Face
The CW

After fleeing Wayne Tower before it exploded, Harvey was later seen hunting down Jane Doe, Duela's mother, and his evil side's lover. 

Harvey's transformation was complete when he ultimately killed Jane after flipping a coin that cemented her fate.

Misha Collins as Two Face
The CW

On Twitter, Collins shared a new behind-the-scenes video during his time on the Gotham Knights set as Two-Face, noting that it's a "certain challenge" to portray the character due to his prosthetics for the role: 

"Hey there. I’m on set and I’m wearing my Two-Face makeup, my prosthetics for Two-Face. I have to say it’s pretty preposterous how it’s mostly impossible to say certain consonants.  So that’s presenting a certain challenge. Also, the drool is tricky.

I hope you enjoyed the season finale of Gotham Knights as much as I did. Glad that you stopped by to check it out. Thank you.”

Misha Collins

In DC Comics, Harvey Dent's descent into madness came when a criminal threw acid into his face, thus transforming into Two-Face.


Meanwhile, in The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent transformed into Two-Face when flames consumed half of his face after being saved by Batman from Joker's trap. Here's a closer look at the character's design from the 2010 movie:

The Dark Knight
Warner Bros.

Why Gotham Knights Made a Perfect Two-Face Origin Story

Gotham Knights managed to spend a good chunk of its debut season telling the tragic origin story of Harvey Dent's road to becoming a villain. 

Despite its mixed reviews, the show still incorporated comic-accurate elements to Harvey's arc, such as the reveal that Olivia Rose-Keegan's Duela is actually his daughter and not the Joker's

Moreover, Harvey's mental illness also took the spotlight in Gotham Knights, showing how he struggled to cope with his other personality. Still, the character's good side was also highlighted. 

While it's unfortunate that Gotham Knights was canceled by The CW, the show still had a worthwhile run telling stories within the Batman mythos. 

Gotham Knights is streaming on The CW app and on Max.

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