The CW Cancels DC Superhero Show Naomi

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While the CW has a number of popular shows spun out of the Arrowverse, one of its other superhero shows inspired by the comic book page is DC's Naomi. The series follows Kaci Walfall’s titular character as she sets out to uncover the origins of a supernatural event in her hometown and solve all the mysteries that come with it.

The Ava DuVernay-created superhero series had a few references to a wider DC universe like Superman but failed to find an audience in spite of generally positive reviews.

The CW’s superhero shows have been in jeopardy as of late, with several being at risk of cancellation. The Flash may be speeding towards its final season, and other series seem to be in higher-ups’ crosshairs too.

Now, another CW show has met its end.

DC's Naomi Canceled After One Season

Naomi DC

As reported by Variety, DC's Naomi has been canceled by the CW after only one season. 

This comes after several other cancellations on the network, including fellow comic book properties Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman and other CW series like Dynasty and Roswell: New Mexico.

The CW Loses Another Superhero Show

Naomi’s fate likely means that the show is another victim of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, which has seen several shakeups internally. With a new CEO heading the company, the studio is reportedly aiming to streamline its content offerings while focusing on neglected franchises like Superman.

With Naomi being another superhero series on the CW to get canceled, it seems that Warner Bros. Discovery is attempting to consolidate its offerings similar to how Marvel Studios runs its universe. While this means fan-favorite shows are now seeing their end, it could be a positive change in the long run.

In order to keep up with their cinematic offerings, the studio may decide to up the budgets of their television offerings to put them on a similar level to their theatrical features. HBO Max saw great success with Peacemaker, so perhaps Warner Bros. Discovery will want to pursue higher budget and quality productions that are also streamlined with their output elsewhere.

Naomi's sacrifice, and other shows like it, may be just the thing to usher in a whole new exciting era of DC television.

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