Superman Revival Reportedly In Consideration at Warner Bros. Discovery

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Superman, Henry Cavill

It's been quite a long time since fans have seen Henry Cavill's Superman on the screen. The man started out the entire DCEU, and now doesn't even get to fulfill cameos, ala Shazam! or Peacemaker. To make matters worse, it doesn't seem like Warner Bros. has much intention of putting the spotlight anywhere near Cavill and the Man of Steel. The closest fans may get is a project revolving around Calvin Ellis, a black Kryptonian from an alternate timeline.

With Sashe Calle's Supergirl coming onto the scene in The Flash, is Clark Kent's time in the DCEU done for the foreseeable future? While it certainly seems like the case at this point, thankfully some new management has come in who could really shake everything up.

Less than one week ago, Warner Bros. was merged with Discovery, creating the new brand and moniker of Warner Bros. Discovery. What will likely make many fans excited are the new thoughts coming from the companies' CEO David Zaslav, someone who sees lots of untapped potential in the live-action DC Comics world. 

Now, thanks to the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, it looks like fans may be getting Superman back into the spotlight sooner than expected.

A Rumored Superman Revival Incoming?

Black Superman, Henry Cavill

According to a report by Variety, there may be some good news for Superman fans coming out of the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger. Reportedly, David Zaslav, the CEO of the combined companies, feels that the current state of the live-action DC Comics projects is "lacking coherent creative and brand strategy."

Even though there was an undeniable success with films like Aquaman and The Batman, Zaslav specifically pointed out Superman as one of the many "top shelf characters... left to languish," all of whom he believes "need to be revitalized."

To add to that, Zaslav believes in projects such as Joker and Birds of Prey, as they are prime examples of those second-rate characters who, when used and exploited correctly, can create just as engaging projects as the A-Listers.

Could More Superman Actually Happen at Warner Bros.?

It's great to hear the new leadership in charge seem to be coming to the same conclusions that many fans have been arriving at for a while now. The DCEU does in fact "lack a coherent creative and brand strategy", and big characters like Superman have been sitting in the corner for a long while—all because of one disappointing movie.

Imagine the DCEU having a unified creative vision in the same vein as the MCU, with that level of quality—something many fans likely dream about quite often.

But when it comes to Superman himself, what about Henry Cavill? Many rumors have circled around the role of Superman in future DC Comics, and it hasn't been a bright one. Supposedly, at the end of The Flash, there will be an entirely new timeline created—one that never had a Clark Kent but instead was protected by Sasha Calle's Supergirl.

Nothing against Supergirl, of course. No doubt Calle will be fantastic in the role, but it's hard to see the worth in keeping the Man of Steel himself sidelined. Why not simply have them both in play? After all, Henry Cavill has stated on several occasions that he is open to putting the cape back on.

Sadly, fans are just going to have to sit back and wait to see how everything turns out. Hopefully, by the time The Flash resets everything on June 23, 2023, this whole Superman situation will be a little clearer.

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