Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Actor Celebrates Recent Cameo (Photo)

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Superman has been a tough topic as of late for DCEU fans. The character hasn’t been seen since Zack Snyder’s The Justice League, qnd there are no signs of Henry Cavil showing up again in the red cape anytime soon (Shazam! couldn’t even get him for a cameo). Everything reached a fever pitch recently when a controversial rumor claimed The Flash will erase all of the continuity from the live-action film universe that director Zack Snyder created. Not only that, but Sasha Calle’s Supergirl would be taking over his spot in the overall hero hierarchy within that same film.

Fans, however, got some unexpected hope for Cavill's eventual return thanks to an unexpected cameo during the season finale of Peacemaker. One of the final big jokes comes when members of the Justice League show up to save the day—just a little too late to be of any use. 

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Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa were the only actual A-List names to show their faces, but both Superman and Wonder Woman stood by their sides in the shadows.

Now, the Superman actor under those shadows has taken to social media and revealed a picture of him in the Man of Steel's suit.

Superman Meets Peacemaker… Almost

Thanks to actor Brad Abramenko, fans now have a better look at the Superman who was teased during the season finale of Peacemaker.

The actor posted a picture of him in costume on Instagram, and he included a caption saying his "dream became true" by wearing a suit resembling the one Henry Cavil once wore: 

“My dream became true when I became the 12th Superman. An honor to slip into (Henry Cavill's) suit!”

The photo of Brad Abramenko as Peacemaker's Superman can be viewed below: 

Superman, Henry Cavil, Peacemaker


Superman Nearly Makes The Cut

For those taking notes, it’s very suspicious how both Ben Affleck’s Batman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg weren’t included in the sequence, yet a variation of Henry Cavill’s Superman was able to stay. The status of all three heroes in the wider DCEU has been up in the air for a while now, so Supes making the cut in Peacemaker could mean good things for both the original actor and those who love him in the role. 

The quality of some of the films that featured the Man of Steel may be questionable, but Cavill’s performance has never been the weakest link; not to mention, Cavill has been a vocal fan of the character for years. Based on his previous remarks, he’d be back in the cape in no time.

Odds are fans won’t get any more answers to the many Superman-sized questions for quite some time, and almost certainly not before The Flash hits theaters on November 4 later this year.

As for those who might care more for John Cena’s Peacemaker, they can rest easy knowing that a second season has been greenlit and is on its way.

Peacemaker is streaming now on HBO Max.

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