Gal Gadot's Replacement Actress Celebrates Wonder Woman Cameo (Photos)

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Wonder Woman, Peacemaker, DCU

The biggest television show currently airing for the past few weeks hasn't been The Book of Boba Fett, even considering how popular it's been. Instead, that honor was given to James Gunn's Peacemaker. The HBO Max series stars John Cena's titular character as he spins off of the events of The Suicide Squad. This time around, he's placed with an entirely different team and put up against an alien butterfly secret invasion.

WARNING: The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Peacemaker.

After many twists and turns, including one of their own being an alien, a rogue Judomaster, and familial struggles, the team finally reaches the mission objective: the alien's coveted "cow"—the only thing keeping them alive. After taking plenty of hits, and one of their own nearly dying, the team walks away with the win.

The group's exit from the farm is where audiences were given a shocking yet hilarious cameo: the Justice League. Amanda Waller did, in fact, call in the team as her daughter asked, but as usual, they arrived late.

The team consisted of Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. While Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa showed their faces and said a few words, Henry Cavil and Gal Gadot remained in the shadows.

Now, that Wonder Woman-shaped shadow has taken to Instagram to give fans a little glimpse behind the scenes.

Gal Gadot's Temporary Replacement In Peacemaker

The finale of DC's Peacemaker on HBO Max included a fantastic, hilarious, and surprising cameo from (most of) the Justice League as the show's heroes walked away from their completed mission.

Among those shadowy figures was the silhouette of Wonder Woman, though audiences never saw Gal Gadot in the flesh. Now, the person who embodied Gadot's shadow has posted some new BTS photos of her in the iconic costume.

Wonder Woman, Peacemaker, DCU
Warner Bros.

On her Instagram, Kimberly Von Illberg showcased herself in the genuine Wonder Woman costume, with a caption where she exclaims the experience as her "coolest gig by far" and that she "was blessed to wear [Gal Gadot's] real wardrobe and hair:"

"I've been wanting to post this photo since last May!! Peacemaker episode 8 is FINALLY OUT! COME ON WONDER WOMAN haha. Coolest gig by far!! Can't believe I was blessed to wear Gal Gadot's real wardrobe and hair. What is my life."

Wonder Woman, Peacemaker, DCU

The second photo in the post showcased her trailer door, which was proudly labeled as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, Peacemaker, DCU


Hey, That's Not Wonder Woman

It would have been quite an achievement for James Gunn to have been able to get all of the Justice League properly together on screen once again, and in Peacemaker no less. So, all in all, having gotten both Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa is nothing short of a miracle.

The scene didn't need Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman to nail the punchline. At the very least, it was great to have a convincing outline of the character, and even better that someone's life might have been made by getting the opportunity to don that genuine outfit and wig.

For those who really want to see Wonder Woman again, have no fear. Signs point to her character surviving whatever happens to the character post-The Flash, and a third solo outing for the Amazonian is in the works.

As for Peacemaker, a second season was just announced, so there will be plenty more shenanigans on that front in the future as well.

Peacemaker is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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