Titans Season 4 Romance Controversy Debunked By Raven Actress

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Superhero romances have always been present in the comic book world, perhaps nowhere more prominently than on DCTV. The CW series such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and more, were particualry infamous for the emphasis they placed on the love lives of their titular heroes.

With the Arrowverse on the way out from television, few DC series are still standing, Titans being among the survivors. Nightwing, Robin(s), Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Superboy, and more star in the HBO Max original with a uniquely dark take on the Teen Titans with action, drama, and, of course, romance.

Past seasons of Titans have already explored plenty of romance within the team, and Starfire actress Anna Diop even teased - via ScreenRant - one particular "long-awaited romance" that fans have been "desperately seeking" coming into play with November's Season 4: 

"Is there anything else that I can tease? Well, there's some long-awaited romance that people have been desperately seeking. So, I hope that I'll finally stop getting DMs about this. [Laughs]"

Now, following the emergence of a controversy surrounding one particular romance that was teased in a Season 4 clip, one Titans star was debunked fears.

Titans Season 4's Controversial Romance Debunked

HBO Max's Titans was recently the subject of viral controversy after a budding romance between Beast Boy and Raven was teased in a Season 4 clip. The debate stemmed from the age gap between the actors behind the roles, with Beast Boy's Ryan Potter being 27 and Raven's Teagan Croft having just turned 18.

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However, Croft has debunked the two Titans are in a relationship, responding "False. Panic" to a fan declaring the characters are dating. Later replying to another who expressed disappointment at the debunking, the Raven actress stated "Sorry king I mean no harm."

Titans Romance Debunked

@maurice_garr pointed out how Titans was "really waiting for Teagan to turn 18" to introduce the romance between them:

"They were really waiting for Teagan to turn 18 I'm sick,,, @DCTitans YOU ARE SICK"

@Croc_Block declare the direction "really weird" and noted "that age gap:"

"REALLY weird they seemingly just waited for Teagan to turn 18 to casually put Beast Boy and Raven together… that age gap."

@konsearring called the age gap between the actors "crazy:"

"If Titans is going to do anything, it’s going to have a crazy age gap relationship"

@dkorlana was initially a supporter of a romance between the two until they "learned about the age gap" between the stars: 

"ngl I used to ship bbrae before I learned about the age gap but now it’s just so odd like titans really waited for her to turn 18."

@RxvenRagnarok added another controversial detail into the equation, noting how "she was cast when she was 12 and he was 20:"

"Mind you she was cast when she was 12 and he was 20, i really fucking hate it here."

While much of the fandom may have been up in arms over the now-debunked romance, some were somewhat on board. @amyd2416 pointed out that "in the comics have pretty much a middle school-style relationship:"

"They are just 9 years apart in real life, plus in the comics have pretty much a middle school-style relationship. They are not banging like Starfire and Nightwing are and won’t be. It seems like you have zero knowledge of the characters in general."

@WilliamsTroop responded to one post suggesting the actors be recast to allow for the romance, calling them "the best fit for their characters even if there was an age difference:"

"Cause Teagan and Ryan were the best fit for their characters even if there was an age difference. They just didn't wanna lose their cast members unnecessarily. If anything it's the script that needs changing so they aren't romantically involved not the cast."

@sakunigg suggested that as long as those on set remain "comfortable" in a "respectable and safe environment" then there shouldn't be a problem:

"I’m sure it’s a respectable and safe environment on and off set, I don’t think it’s weird because I trust that the cast and crew keep everybody comfortable. I hope that’s the case."

@tangella89 called for fans to "not jump to conclusions" as to whether the characters are together, which clearly proved sensible as the romance speculation has now been debunked:

"How do we know they are together let’s not jump to conclusions guys."

Titans Season 4 Gets Back on Track

Beast Boy and Raven have shared a romance together in DC Comics and on the Teen Titans Go! animated series, but that direction will not be carrying over to their latest incarnation. The two may be close on Titans, something that will continue into Season 4, but the romantic spark doesn't seem to be there, at least for now.

Many fans were displeased with the thought of these two characters entering a relationship, due to the age gap between the actors who play them. After all, at the time Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter were cast, one was a fully grown adult and the other was a child, which would arguably make it strange to pair them off now.

In disspelling such a major controversy, Croft has likely closed the doors to the DC Titans ever getting together on the HBO Max series, not just in this season. Even as the actors get older, and the characters continue to be around the same age, that age gap issue will next cease to exist, and would always be contentious.

If Titans were looking for other love interests for these characters later, Raven has  had relationships with Kid Flash and Damian Wayne's Robin in the past. Meanwhile, Beast Boy once dated Teen Titans member Terra, so there are plenty of other romantic interests that Titans could tap into down the line. 

But for now, this will hopefully mark the end of the Beast Boy-Raven romance controversy. With fans' fears put to rest, viewers can return to getting excited for the returns of Titans for Season 4 which will premiere on November 3, exclusively on HBO Max.

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