Titans Season 4 Part 2 Unveils New Posters for 3 Main Heroes

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DC Titans Season 4 Robin White Raven

As Titans on HBO Max wraps up, fans can say goodbye to the show's iterations of certain characters with new posters released online.

With its cancellation seeming to be one of the final nails in the coffin of the DCU as it has existed until now, Titans was hanging on by a thread between the announcement of James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC reboot and its aforementioned cancellation.

Titans as a show has been controversial to say the least, with its relationship to the Teen Titans comics being analogous to Riverdale's with the Archie Comics that inspired it. However, the show's fanbase was strong, carrying it through four full seasons, including a transition from the DC Universe streaming service to HBO Max when the streaming service became defunct.

Be it in celebration or memorial as the show reaches a close, DC released new posters for three key characters ahead of the upcoming premiere of the final season on April 13.

New Titans Posters For Finale

As Titans ramps up to its final season on April 13, fans were given a new look at three of the show's heroes online.

All of the posters are bisected images of the hero they depict, with one side a standard picture and the other a smeared, cosmic look.

Joshua Orpin as Superboy

The first poster showcases Joshua Orpin as Superboy (Conner Kent), one of the only non-comics iterations of the clone developed from the combined DNA of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.

Superboy's look on the poster emphasizes the two aspects of his identity, with the Lex-like bald head and the classic Superman symbol on his shirt. In fact, the black shirt with the red symbol is one of the biggest constants about this character in the different media he has appeared in, be it from the comics, Young Justice or Titans.

Jay Lycurgo as Robin (Tim Drake)

The next poster features Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake, the third Robin in both the comics and on the show. Bo staff in hand and donning one of the most comic-accurate suits on the show, Tim looks heroic as ever in the new poster.

This look in the show marks the first time Tim has been suited up as Robin in live action, with the character having appeared previously in some animated media outside of comics as well.

Teagan Croft as Raven

The third poster highlights Teagan Croft's Raven (Rachel Roth), the only of the three featured characters to have been with the show since its start. Raven's look has evolved drastically since her earlier appearances, with her original look being more in-line with her comics counterpart's classic, goth look.

However, Raven's white outfit seen in the poster, and featured in the show's more recent storylines, does also have some comics precedent, and represents the evolution of her character as the show reaches its end.

Perhaps, these posters indicate the three featured characters having significant storylines in Titans' fourth season's second part. While the show originally focused on an amalgamation of the original comics core four, and the New Teen Titans team, it has evolved to showcase Titans from many different eras.

As such, with just these three characters getting a bit of focus in the advertising, it is hard to speculate on what more is in store for them, as they come from two different eras of Titans stories.

Whereas Raven fits that original amalgamation, Conner and Tim come from the '90s era of Young Justice, later becoming Teen Titans themselves.

Ultimately, though, fans won't have to wait too much longer to see the conclusion of their stories, as the final episodes of Titans begin releasing on HBO Max on Thursday, April 13.

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