DC FINALLY Reveals Live-Action Costume for Robin Hero

By Russ Milheim Posted:
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DC finally unveiled Tim Drake’s live-action Robin costume for Titans’ final six episodes.

There are many Robins in Batman’s extensive mythos, but Tim Drake has always been one of, if not THE, most popular person to take on the mantle.

Jay Lycurgo, who plays Drake on HBO Max’s Titans, first joined the series in the Season 3 premiere. From there, after a long journey back from the afterlife, the character finally started becoming part of the team.

However, despite being Tim Drake, the hero has still never worn the proper garb. That is, until now—and in usual Titans fashion, his Robin costume impressed fans.

Tim Drake Gets a Costume

HBO Max revealed the brand new suit for Tim Drake’s Robin in the upcoming final six episodes of Titans.

Titans Tim Drake

Jay Lycurgo, who portrays the character, can be seen in his hero’s new attire. It’s impossible to deny how accurate the design is to the source material.

Tim Drake, Jay Lycurgo, Robin, Titans

Lycurgo's Robin is also prominently featured on Titans' brand new poster, carrying Tim Drake's trademark bo staff from the comics.

Robin, Tim Drake

Alongside the new images, the show released a new trailer, which also gives audiences a brief glimpse of this new Robin in action.

Tim Drake Gets a Costume Before Titan’s End

It’s a shame it took so long for Tim Drake to finally don his superhero mantle. With Titans coming to an end, fans will only have six episodes to see this Robin in action.

Though, many fans haven’t been the biggest fans of how the show handled the character up to this point. Hopefully, this new sleek super suit will give those dissenting voices something to enjoy.

The last time viewers were with the titular team, Sebastian Sanger had just become Brother Blood proper. But not before the villain made all of the Titans disappear.

While audiences have no idea where they went, the new trailers suggest that false (or simply alternate) reality will play into the upcoming final installments.

Despite any of the show’s previous flaws, hopefully, it’s able to finish out its run on a strong note.

Titan’s final episodes will start streaming exclusively on HBO Max on April 13.

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