Titans Season 3: Set Photos Tease Spoiler-Heavy Plot Point In Batman's Gotham City

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After serving as a major figure in the DC Universe slate, Titans has been confirmed to be moving on to HBO Max. The series follows the origin story of the famous Teen Titans group from the comics, but with a darker and grittier spin. 

In the first two seasons, the characters that were featured included Dick Grayson, Raven, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove, Wonder Girl, and Superb. It wasn't until the end of the show's sophomore run that the team was fully formed, thus leading to an interesting storyline by the time of the Season 3 premiere.

During last year's DC FanDome, it was confirmed that the Titans will head to Gotham for an unknown mission, paving the way for familiar characters like Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, and Scarecrow to join the narrative. The exact nature of their visit to the iconic Batman city is still being kept under wraps, but it looks like the team will not be welcomed as heroes based on recent set photos. 


Toronto Filming shared a filming update for Titans Season 3, showcasing several set photos that may indicate that the newly-formed superhero group is currently wanted in Gotham City. 

A close look at the wanted posters has revealed the inclusion of Damaris Lewis' Blackfire alongside an image teasing the arrival of the anti-hero known as Red Hood. 



Titans is set to open the floodgates to the larger corners of the DC universe by setting foot in Gotham, and these set photos could hint that the team will be challenged early on.

The "wanted" posters could mean that the group will not be viewed as heroes from the get-go, and this could even lead to internal problems within the team itself. Given that Gotham is Batman's turf, it seems likely that the team will head to the Batcave to regroup and strategize about their next move. 

The inclusion of Barbara Gordon somehow complicates things, considering that it was previously reported that the former Batgirl is the current GCPD commissioner. It's possible that Barbara is the one responsible for the "wanted" posters, thus leading to an emotional confrontation between her and Dick Grayson down the line. 

Meanwhile, given Scarecrow's involvement, there's a good chance that the "wanted" posters could end up being an end result of the villain's fear toxin. If anything, this could be Jonathan Crane's way to mess with the Titans. 

The looming arrival of Red Hood presents all kinds of troubles for the team as well, and the “Red Hood Rises” poster could hint that the anti-hero has loyal supporters in Gotham. It remains to be seen how Jason Todd will fit in the Season 3 narrative, but it's all but confirmed that it will lead to an emotional standoff as he tries to seek revenge to his former team. 

Whatever the case, these set photos should boost the excitement of fans for the much-anticipated-release of Titans Season 3 later this year. 

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