Titans Season 3: Set Video Reveals Return of Batman's Arkham Asylum

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Batman Titans Show Background

Titans had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its first two seasons, starting off as an original series under the DC Universe banner before eventually being transferred to HBO Max. Despite the streaming debacle of the show, it has still thrived by featuring a darker take on the Teen Titans team from the pages of DC Comics, ultimately earning a third season renewal

Directed by Brad Anderson, the series follows the origin story of the popular DC superhero team, exploring the lives of young heroes like Dick Grayson, Raven, and Beast Boy. The first two seasons focused on bringing the team together, with the Season 2 finale acting as a full-blown reveal of the official lineup of the Teen Titans. 

After duking it out with the likes of Deathstroke and Dr. Light, the group will now head to Gotham for an unknown mission. Plot details of Season 3 are still being kept under wraps, but it has been confirmed that the Titans will encounter several villains of Batman such as Scarecrow and Jason Todd's Red Hood

Now, it looks like the team will find themselves in another familiar location in Gotham. 


Instagram user forgotten_places posted a new set video from the production of Titans Season 3, showcasing the first look at Gotham City's Arkham Asylum. 

In a separate post, Toronto Filming revealed a new batch of set photos showing more of the iconic Batman location. 



The presence of Arkham Asylum could spell trouble for the Titans, but this also presents numerous story possibilities as well as Batman-related cameos for the show. 

Based on the set photos, the design of Titan's Arkham Asylum is consistent with its predecessors from the Arrowverse and Fox's Gotham series, but there is a chance that a much darker take will be showcased to fit the look and feel of the series. 

It remains to be seen how the team will end up in this dangerous place, but it is possible that this is all part of an unknown mission.

As part of his revenge, Jason Todd could initiate a breakout in Arkham, thus forcing his former friends to control the situation. The breakout could result in more Batman villains showing up, ranging from the likes of Joker to Poison Ivy joining the fight. 

Arkham Titans Season 1

Back in Season 1, Arkham was featured in Dick Grayson's nightmare sequence where Batman goes berserk, killing everyone in sight. While the aforementioned scene was only a dream for Grayson, the show could use it as a template for this latest season by (finally) incorporating Iain Glen's Batman into the fight, showing off a team-up between Gotham's vigilante alongside the Teen Titans. 

Arkham's inclusion in Titans could further cement the gritty tone of the series, and it's reasonable to assume that the villains inside the Asylum will challenge Grayson's team like never before. 

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