The Batman Director Confirms Arkham Asylum Spin-off on the Way

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The Batman is set to expand its mythology on HBO Max by showcasing several spin-off series set within its contained universe. Warner Bros. will maximize the streaming service to give notable characters the spotlight while also doing a deep dive into the corruption of Gotham City. So far, there have been two spin-off series in development, with The Batman director Matt Reeves serving as an executive producer for both of them.  

Back in 2020, HBO Max confirmed that a series revolving around the Gotham Police Department was under development. The spin-off was confirmed to tackle "the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City." The official statement from the service also revealed that the series will eventually launch "a new Batman universe across multiple platforms."

True enough, a second spin-off show about Colin Farrell's Penguin was reported. This HBO Max series will explore the villain's rise to power within Gotham City. 

Now, Reeves opened up about The Batman's expansion on HBO Max. 

The Batman Director Sets Sights Into Next DC Spin-off 

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The Batman director Matt Reeves sat down with the Toronto Sun to talk about the upcoming spin-offs of the franchise that will premiere on HBO Max soon. 

Reeves first discussed the already-confirmed HBO Max series about Colin Farrell's Penguin, with him praising the actor as someone who's "incredible" and a "scene stealer" in the movie: 

“We’re doing this Penguin series and one of the great things about that is Colin Farrell — he’s like you’ve never seen him. He’s so incredible and he’s a scene-stealer. Along the way, we thought maybe we could do (his character) as a series. So I talked to HBO Max and showed them Colin in the movie and spoke to them about what this could be and they said, ‘Let’s do it.’"

Reeves then confirmed that a second HBO Max series would connect to Arkham Asylum before saying that his focus right now is on how The Batman will connect to the audience:

"So we're doing that and we're doing another series that connects to Arkham (Asylum). We are talking and thinking about the next movie, but to be honest with you, at the moment, I really want the audience to connect with this. And I really believe they will because I think Rob is an incredible Batman.”

It is unknown if Reeves is pertaining to the previously-reported Gotham PD series that would tackle the complexity of Gotham's corruption or a completely new series. However, a previous report from The Illuminerdi shared that the working title of the Gotham City series is Arkham, thus hinting that this show may or may not be the GCPD project. 

A Tale About Arkham Asylum 

Based on Matt Reeves' latest comments, it's reasonable to assume that the GCPD series would end up being the one that would connect to Arkham Asylum. However, there is also a chance that this Arkham-focused spinoff will be an entirely new one, thus further expanding The Batman universe as previously promised. 

Gotham City's corruption was previously reported to be the main focus of the GCPD series, meaning that it is unknown how Arkham fits into the overall puzzle. Reeves' use of "connect" could hint that the Arkham element would still be present, but it would not be the main focus. 

On the flip side, a new project that will put Arkham Asylum at the center could be plausible.

The institution has been a significant part of the Batman mythos, and many would agree that a series tackling its history and how it ties to Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader would be an interesting premise to explore. Given that this is the first time that an Arkham series was brought up, it also gives further proof that this could be a new project. 

Meanwhile, Reeves' praise for Colin Farrell's Penguin should serve as an added boost for his own spin-off series. Some of the first reactions to The Batman also included high praise for the veteran actor's performance in the movie, thus proving that it was a wise decision for Warner Bros. to greenlight the series. 

All in all, The Batman is poised to give fans a deeper look at not just the titular hero but also the city that he protects.

The Batman is set to premiere in theaters on March 4, 2022. 

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