Titans Season 3: New Image of Curran Walters' Jason Todd Revealed

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After an impressive first two seasons, Titans will look to elevate the stakes by introducing a major character from DC lore in the form of Red Hood. It has been confirmed during last August's DC FanDome that Curran Walters' Jason Todd will transform into the anti-hero, but details on how it will feature in the narrative are still being kept under wraps. 

On top of that, it was also revealed that the newly-reformed superhero group will head to Gotham, and the team will encounter familiar faces such as Barbara Gordon and Jonathan Crane a.k.a. Scarecrow. Not only that, but it is also expected that Blackfire, Starfire's sister, will have a much more prominent role during the third season, especially after the heavy tease at the tail-end of the second season. 

Production for the third season of Titans is well underway, but the release timeline of the show has yet to be determined. Still, anticipation for the DC series is sky-high after the reveals, and newly-surfaced images from the set could add more to the excitement surrounding the third season. 


In a post from InstagramTitans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski shared a new behind-the-scenes image of Curran Walters as Jason Todd from the set of the show's third season. While praising Walters' portrayal of the character, Mojsovski also teased that "everyone is in for a treat" when Red Hood debuts in the upcoming season of the hit DC Universe/HBO Max show. 


I’m always impressed with @curdog as a person and as an actor. Everyone is in for a treat with him being Redhood this year on Titans. I love process trailers - cameras on dollies, tea filmmaking. #redhood #titans #titansseason3 @dccomics @dctitans @thedcuniverse @curdog #cinematography #canadiancinematographer #filmmaking #processtrailer #arriskypanel360 #arrialexamini


Curran Walters' Jason Todd had a roller coaster journey so far during the first two seasons of Titans, and the character is poised to take center stage once and for all when the third season arrives. The image showcases Todd in a deep emotional state, and it's likely that he is struggling to cope with some issues, especially after the season two finale showed him leaving on his own after Wonder Girl's funeral. 

Additionally, Mojsovski's recent praise of Walters' performance as Red Hood will add more hype to the character's eventual debut during the third season, and this bodes well for longtime fans of the series. 

It's still unknown if Titans will adapt Red Hood's origin story from the comics since Joker played a heavy role in that storyline. Joker was briefly seen during the season finale of the first season, but it was only during a dreamscape sequence when Dick Grayson was influenced by Raven's dark magic.

Thus, this provides a chance for the Clown Prince of Crime to take part in Jason Todd's "demise," ultimately leading to his transformation as the famed anti-hero. However, no casting details about the role of Joker for Titans have surfaced lately, but it's still possible to adapt this storyline in a unique way, especially after the way the show handled Batman during the first season.

Interestingly, a mysterious Red Hood-focused teaser made its debut online recently, and this could offer fans a first look at the anti-hero. Whatever the case, the future of Red Hood is bright on Titans

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