DC's Titans Season 3 Begins Filming With First Set Photos Revealed

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Titans logo, Brandon Thwaites as Robin, Minka Kelly as Dove, Alan Ritchson as Hawk

Titans had its fair share of ups and downs during its first two seasons, but things are seemingly looking up since the show has been confirmed to return for a third season. Originally from the DC Universe streaming service, the Greg Berlanti-created show has now moved to HBO Max after its original home shifted into a more comics-based approach. 

Last August's DC FanDome provided an in-depth look at the third season of Titans, confirming that notable DC favorites will be featured such as Barbara Gordon, Scarecrow, and Red Hood. Based on the reveal, it appears that Titans will move forward with an exciting narrative that fans will look forward to when it premieres. 

Due to the global pandemic, the start of production for the third season was unknown, with Titans creator Akiva Goldsman previously admitting that they are planning to start filming "as soon as possible." Now, a piece of good news has finally arrived for fans who are eagerly waiting for an update about the production timeline of the show. 


Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski shared on Instagram that filming for the third season is now underway.

Titans Season 3 Day 1. Yup. For real. #dayone #titans @dctitans @thedcuniverse @dccomics @titanswriters #cinematography #canadiancinematographer #cinematographer #director #titansseason3 #covid_19 #filmmaking @shelton9mil


This development certainly bodes well for Titans and its eventual release date. It is currently unknown when the third season will be released on HBO Max, but there's a chance that it will premiere during the latter part of next year, barring any production delays that the cast and crew will encounter. 

The third season of Titans has a lot of story potential, especially after the slew of reveals in previous months. The inclusion of Batman-centric characters like Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon essentially confirms that the team will head to Gotham for a potential mission. Aside from that, it will be interesting to see if any more iconic villains or heroes will pop up to either help or derail the plans of the team. 

From the sound of things, a key part of the narrative of the upcoming season is Jason Todd's transformation into Red Hood, and this means that a more personal and emotional ordeal will shake the team to its core. Todd was last seen during the funeral of Donna Troy from last season's finale, and it's a safe bet that some episodes will revolve around the character's evolution into the anti-hero. 

Given that cameras are now rolling for Titans, it is likely that set photos and videos will surface, providing a glimpse at how the narrative will play out. Additionally, fans can also expect casting news for new characters of the show. 

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