Titans Season 3: DC Reveals First Look at Red Hood Design For HBO Max Show

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Live-Action Red Hood on left, concept art Red Hood on right

It was initially rumored that Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow would be a part of Titans' upcoming season, but what got fans excited, when they were both confirmed at DC FanDome, was that it meant Red Hood was coming too. Jason Todd donning the red helmet seemed to be the direction producers and writers were going when writing him last season, so that Red Hood appearing wouldn't be too big a surprise.

With a new teaser pointing to his appearance in its third season and Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski having said that "everyone is in for a treat" when Red Hood shows up in this season of Titans, the anticipation is at its highest. How Curran Walters becomes Red Hood is still a mystery, and Jason Todd still has a long way to go before becoming the vengeful anti-hero. However, Walters' new costume as the red-clad, gun-toting, criminal exterminator has been revealed before even appearing in a trailer.


The Twitter account for DC's Titans has posted the first image of Curran Walters as Red Hood in full costume, accompanied by a new piece of concept art.



Considering the amount of focus that Warner TV has been putting on Red Hood being a focus of this season of Titans, it seems likely that Curran Walters wears the helmet quite early on in the season. Since Blackfire is meant to be one of the season's primary villains, it also seems likely that Jason won't be an enemy.

More likely, Jason Todd will be appearing and killing criminals against the wishes of former Robin, Dick Grayson, instead of directly opposing the Titans. Additionally, Scarecrow is in the mix too now as one of the villains for this season, so Red Hood may be dealing with him while the rest of the Titans deal with Starfire's evil sister.

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