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Titans Season 3: DC Releases Mysterious Red Hood Teaser

Red Hood and Robin from DC's Titans
By Lauren Rouse

DC's Titans series was recently renewed for a third season after it was announced the show would be making the move to HBO Max. Set photos have revealed that the series had started production on its third season after the pandemic shutdown shooting around the world.

The Titans panel at DC FanDome also teased that big names like Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, and Scarecrow would be featured in the third season which is also said to bring the team to Gotham. 


DC has released a short teaser trailer for Titans teasing the arrival of Red Hood in the new season. The teaser also includes the date 10.26.2020, but it's unknown exactly what this is referring to at the moment. 



The teaser is light on details, only revealing a Red Hood logo and a cryptic image. Luckily, there isn't long to wait until this Monday, October 26, when more information will be revealed.

Seeing as Titans hasn't been in production for long, it's unlikely that this reveal will be a full-length trailer. However, it seems that some big Red Hood news could be on the way and it's possible fans may get their first look as Curran Walters as the famous vigilante. 

How exactly Red Hood is going to be included in the upcoming season is a mystery so far. Jason Todd still has a long way to go in his evolution from hero to anti-hero, and it's a safe bet that this will be his core journey in season three. If Titans is going to stick to the comic origins of Red Hood, that would also require some form of the Joker to be involved, seeing as the Joker's abduction of Todd is what motivates him to become Red Hood. Fans will have to wait to see how Titans deals with this origin story and whether the Joker will be included in the new season as well.  

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