First Look at Harley Quinn In DC’s Gotham Knights Revealed In New Trailer

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Harley Quinn, Gotham Knights Trailer

The Arkham game series has been a fan favorite for over a decade now. The saga of stories following Batman did a fantastic job at bringing to life the world of the Dark Knight and adapting some of his biggest and obscure villains in the hero's rogue gallery. However, the upcoming game Gotham Knight will try and attempt the same thing—just without Bruce Wayne and his costumed alter ego in the picture.

Made by WB Games Montreal, the developers who also created the offshoot installment of Batman: Arkham OriginsGotham Knight takes place after the death of the Batman, which plunges Gotham into darkness. It'll be up to four of the Caped Crusader's protegees to protect the city. So who exactly will those four be? Well, players should expect Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl—all of whom will be playable characters.

But, besides some goons, who might these heroes be going up against? Well, previously, the likes of Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls have been confirmed to be a part of the story. Now, thanks to a new trailer, it looks like another famous rogue is getting the spotlight: Harley Quinn.

Gotham Knights New Trailer Features Harley Quinn

During the Opening Night Live ceremony for Gamescom in Germany, WB Games Montreal revealed a brand-new trailer for Gotham Knights. The trailer gives a first look at Harley Quinn's role in the game, alongside Clayface, The Court of Owls, and Mr. Freeze.

When she's spotted in the trailer, the iconic villain is seen behind bars in what one can assume is Arkham Asylum.

Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn

Then there's Harley giving some sort of presentation, but it's hard to tell what it may be for.

Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn

While the first thought may be that it's a flashback, especially given her more pulled-together look, it seems that Harley is still sporting her color scheme. But what led to this event and her new appearance?

Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn

 She even gets her classic hammer, which seems to have gotten an electric upgrade.

Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn

Joining Quinn in Gotham Knights is Clayface, the wanna-be actor turned supervillain. Fans will also recognize him from Arkham City, where he played a key role in the game's conclusion and big twist.

Gotham Knights, Clayface

 While Mr. Freeze was one of the first villains to be revealed for the game, this new trailer gives a few new looks at him.

Gotham Knights, Mr. Freeze

The entire trailer can be seen below. 

What's Harley Quinn up to?

One of the first questions that generally comes up when Harley Quinn enters the fray is, where in the world is the Joker? While the character died in Arkham Knight, it's been previously confirmed that Gotham Knights will be inhabiting its own continuity, despite its visual similarities to the rest of the Arkham series—a frustrating circumstance for many.

With Bruce Wayne dead, however, it wouldn't be surprising if the writers decided the Joker had a similar fate, though, still keeping it separate from the events events of the last Arkham game. Though many fans are likely perfectly fine not having Mr. J in the picture. After all, plenty of Batman media has utilized the character; maybe it is best to let the spotlight shine on someone else.

Such as Harley Quinn, even though her popularity has skyrocketed recently, potentially even rivaling the Joker at this point. Though, at the end of the day, despite this Harley reveal, previous marketing materials seem to indicate that The Court of Owls will be the main antagonists for the game. Maybe Harley will be working alongside them for some mischievous end goal?

Thankfully, the world doesn't have to wait all that long to find out, as Gotham Knights releases on consoles and PC on October 21.

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