MCU: She-Hulk Theory Reveals 1 Skrull Hiding In Plain Sight

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It was reported last year that Ginger Gonzaga was cast as Jennifer Walters' best friend in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which just made its debut on Disney+. Through the promotional tour. soon became clear that Gonzaga would play an original character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe named Nikki Ramos, but what if she's a character from the comics hiding in plain sight?

The next live-action show after She-Hulk will be Secret Invasion, which revolves around the comic book event of the same name. In this story, the planet is infiltrated by Skrulls, one of which could potentially Nikki Ramos.

There's even reason to believe that this is a Skull that ties back to Jennifer in the comics and that event.

Is There More to Nikki Ramos?

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Thus far in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Nikki Ramos hasn't given audiences the impression that she isn't anyone other than herself. But there could be one or two pieces of, admittedly flimsy, evidence pointing to her being one character from the comics.

Instead of Nikki Ramos being an original character created for She-Hulk, she could  be a Skrull from the comics named Jazinda. In comics, she worked with She-Hulk as a bail enforcement agent before being embroiled in the "Secret Invasion" comic event.

Jazinda, Skrull, She-Hulk, Comic Panel
"She-Hulk" (2005) - Issue #23

However, what makes Jazinda a bit more special as a Skrull is that she is the daughter of the famed Super Skrull, Kl'rt, a character who could be appearing in the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of "Secret Invasion."

Super Skrull, Kl'rt, Jazinda, She-Hulk, Comic Panels
"She-Hulk" (2005) Issue #24

As for the plausible evidence in the show itself, Nikki seems abnormally collected regarding the weirder things in Jennifer's life. However, a lot of bizarre stuff has happened in the MCU over the last decade, so she's maybe just used to it.

One possible piece of evidence is Nikki's insistence and support of Jennifer being She-Hulk and turning into She-Hulk, which was a running theme in Jazinda's debut "She-Hulk" run written by Peter David.

Jazinda, She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, Comic Panel
"She-Hulk" (2005) Issue #25

Of course, that could be the support of any normal human best friend. Plus, it'd make Jazinda a bit of a hypocrite, but the Skrull also kept secrets from Jennifer in the comics.

One of those secrets could very well be the impending invasion of Skrulls.

Relevance to Secret Invasion? 

The next live-action Disney+ series from Marvel Studios has officially been designated"crossover event series." So, it wouldn't be surprising to see audiences given another reminder about Skrulls before their series releases.

Skrull, WandaVision, Post-Credits Scene

After all, the first Disney+ series from Marvel Studios, WandaVision, ended with a post-credit scene that revealed a Skrull recruiting Monica Rambeau for something up in space. So, it'd be fitting if She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ended with another Skrull reveal through Nikki Ramos as one last reminder to audiences.

Is it likely for Nikki Ramos to be a secret Skrull, specifically Jazinda? Not particularly. However, one last piece of evidence, in the form of potential comic book synergy, could point to Jazinda making the jump to the MCU soon.

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"Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel" (2022) Issue #2

Suddenly, after a 12-year absence in the comics, in August 2022, Jazinda returned in issue #2 of "Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel." But this could just mean Jazinda herself will appear in the MCU and not evidence that Nikki could be her.

It'd certainly be a cool reveal for Nikki to be revealed as a character from the comics all along. Still, these kinds of expectations would be falling into a trap that head writer Jessica Gao has advised fans to avoid with this show.

Fans can continue watching She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Thursdays on Disney+.

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