Moon Knight: Marvel Studios Rumored To Be Eyeing Daveed Diggs, Nick Kroll For MCU Hero

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Daveed Diggs, Moon Knight, Nick Kroll

The pandemic halted productions for all of Marvel Studios' projects, including the Disney+ shows . Now, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finished shooting in Prague , WandaVision will hopefully wrap by next week , and Loki is still filming , so it seems like things are back on track with these shows.

Soon, both Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel will begin production in November, with She-Hulk having cameras rolling by February 2021. However, fans still don't know much at all about the production of Moon Knight since the last know production date was reported to be this November , which at this point seems outdated.

At least Moon Knight has started to see some movement again with casting underway for the supporting cast , but the man who will play the man himself is still unknown. It has been rumored that Marvel Studios was looking for a Jewish "Zac Efron-type" to play him for the longest time. Suddenly, Keanu Reeves became a possibility with a new rumor saying that Reeves was the "kind of actor that [Marvel Studios] like to see" for the role .

A new rumor points to both of these directions being way off base.


Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse is reporting that Marvel Studios is showing interest in actors Daveed Diggs and Nick Kroll for the role of Marc Spector .

Murphy very strongly stresses that he has no evidence that either of these actors secured the role, just that they were in the mix for it, and was unable to confirm this information with a second source.


These two actors are vastly different from the type that Marvel Studios reportedly wanted, but the important thing is that both Daveed Diggs and Nick Kroll are of Jewish descent. Yes, Diggs is Jewish, as his mother is Jewish. Diggs’ first name even derives from the Hebrew pronunciation of David , and the Hamilton actor even attended Hebrew school as a child while opting out of a bar mitzvah .

Marc Spector being Jewish is a lot more critical in casting, which both of these potential actors fulfill. As for their acting background and whether they would be appropriate for the character, Diggs would be a pretty good fit for Marc Spector. Looking at his past work and range, especially with Blindspotting , Diggs could easily pull off both the dramatic and comedic chops to play Spector and his multiple personalities.

Nick Kroll seems like the odd one out with him not having much of a dramatic acting background, filled with mostly raunchy comedies. However, Kroll might have surprised Marvel Studios, or Kroll is one kind of actor Marvel Studios is looking to fill the role.

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