Finally, Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Completes Production in Prague

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The Winter Soldier on left, Falcon on right, with Moyan Brenn from Italy

Production for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was halted in March along with every other Disney+ show shooting at the time. Originally meant to have released this year, the show will now see a release in 2021. Production for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally resumed in Atlanta in September, showing off some brutal action from John Walker during that time. 

Production finally traveled, presumably, to their last shooting location in Prague, Czech Republic. The Czech capital would stand in for multiple other countries like Latvia, Switzerland, and in their final days of shooting, it even represented Poland.


Fandíme Filmu has reported that filming in Prague has finished early for The Falcon in the Winter Soldier, saying, "We are told that one part of the production was supposed to continue until Friday, but the production was so quick, they were able to wrap everything up on Thursday."

The outlet describes that the last days of filming were spent in the St. Gabriel monastery, which can be seen in a photo gallery on Fandíme Filmu. In the photo gallery, more locations are disguised as Latvian; another location, where John Walker uses excessive force on an enemy combatant, was also made to look like Latvia.

Additionally, photos also show actors Erin Kellyman, Desmond Chaim, and Tyler Dean Flores together on set. However, what Fandíme Filmu describes as the most interesting photos are of Olšanský Cemetery, with it made to appear like a graveyard in Poland.

On their Instagram, Fandíme Filmu also included video footage of Sebastian Stan's Bucky stunt double in Prague for a wire stunt.



While principal photography for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has seemingly finished, it doesn't mean that it's over. There could very well still need reshoots for various reasons, such as additional coverage for editors, fixing continuity for a scene, or any other minor reason.

It's entirely likely that they had already done whatever reshoots they wanted to do for the scenes in Atlanta, but the scenes in Prague could be a whole other story. Regardless, production having completed in Prague is a huge step in this show getting finished and released on Disney+ next year, which still very much seems to be the case.

Nothing in particular in the set photos jump out as too interesting, besides the new photo of Erin Kellyman alongside Desmond Chaim and Tyler Dean Flores, the latter of whom was actually reported to be joining the cast just last week. Considering Flores is standing next to Kellyman on set, who herself has been speculated to be part of the Thunderbolts, it could also point to Flores being a Thunderbolts member, as previously speculated.

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March 19, 2021
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