Elizabeth Olsen's WandaVision Priorities Cause Cancellation of Expo Appearance

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Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision is seemingly on track to release some time in December 2020.

The hotly anticipated MCU series centers on Wanda Maximoff living with an inexplicably-alive Vision in a fantasy, sitcom-styled world. Plot details are being kept heavily under wraps, but judging by the trailer which is takes on a very surreal, uneasy tone, fans are in for quite the ride.

Production in Los Angeles was delayed in March due to the pandemic but has since gotten back on track.


Thanks to an update from ArmageddonExpo, a fan convention taking place in New Zealand, it is now known that Elizabeth Olsen is still on hand to film additional scenes for WandaVision. Olsen was scheduled to make an appearance at the con but was forced to cancel due to shooting for the Marvel Studios series.



With a suspected premiere in about a month and a half, one would assume that WandaVision would be finished shooting by now, even factoring in the delays caused by COVID-19. These are reportedly last minute scheduling changes for filming, and that could mean quite a few things.

This additional filming could very well be for reshoots or pickup shots. Reshoots are extremely common in the film industry and are something that Marvel Studios builds into their production schedule as a rule.

In the meantime, merchandise is beginning to trickle out for the series which is obviously a firm indication that the marketing campaign is about to ramp up and the series premiere is indeed imminent.

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