WandaVision: Marvel Unveils All 6 Official Posters Starring Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany

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WandaVision logo, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Paul Bettany as Vision

WandaVision will open a brand new chapter of the MCU on Disney+. Set to premiere on January 15, 2021, WandaVision is set to take a deep dive into the reality-altering powers of Wanda while also uncovering the mystery behind Vision's unexpected resurrection. 

The first trailer of WandaVision already confirmed that the series will heavily feature sitcom-based alternate realities, forcing the two the titular Avengers to live out an unfamiliar life in different decades. Details as to how the duo ended on that alternate reality are still being kept under wraps, but it's clear that the anticipation surrounding the mystery within WandaVision is high, especially due to the fact that Wanda is being touted as the MCU's most powerful Avenger. 

And now, with the show set to premiere next month, a brand new poster for WandaVision has emerged. 


In a tweet, Marvel Studios officially released another poster of WandaVision, providing fans with a brand-new look at the titular characters of the much-anticipated MCU Disney+ series. 

The poster featured Wanda and Vision inside a classic television, with the home's wallpaper seemingly hinting that the alternate reality is a product of Maximoff's fascination with sitcoms.  

WandaVision Official Poster
From Marvel Studios 

Update: Three more posters, each with the same style as the original, have been released. Each appears to show furthering eras, as indicated by newer versions of the television, the “show” on the television itself, and the wall paneling behind it.

The first poster seemingly highlights the 60s, with the image of Wanda and Vision still featured in a black and white color palette. 

WandaVision Official Poster
From Disney+ 

The next one showcases the 70s as evidenced by the hairstyle of Vision's human form. 

WandaVision Official Poster
From Disney+ 

Lastly, the latest poster shows off the 80s. As it is, there's a strong chance that Bettany and Olsen could be referencing both Full House and Roseanne

WandaVision Official Poster
From Disney+

Update # 2: Another poster for WandaVision has been released by Marvel Studios. This time, the main focus of the poster is the 90s, and it featured the homemade Halloween costumes of Wanda and Vision. 

WandaVision Official Poster
From Disney+

Update # 3: Marvel Studios released another poster for WandaVision, and the main focus of the reveal is the 2000s. One interesting takeaway from this poster is the fact that Wanda's eye appears to have a green glow, seemingly hinting that either the Time Stone could be involved or it somehow alludes to the overall concept of time. 

WandaVision Official Poster
From Disney+ 



Interestingly, this image was part of the show's official release date announcement last month. Despite that, it still managed to deliver an impressive look at the main characters of WandaVision, ultimately teasing one of the decades that the MCU series will pay homage to.

On top of that, the next set of posters managed to highlight several decades which includes the 60s all the way to the 80s. As it is, it seems that another trailer is imminent, which bodes well for those fans eager for new MCU content. 

Based on what's been revealed from the short teaser last month, it's possible that this poster will mark the first of many releases in upcoming weeks, potentially serving as a reminder of the eventual premiere of WandaVision this January.

In a way, this is a good marketing strategy for Marvel Studios. Considering the lack of MCU content this year, releasing promotional materials and even trailers for upcoming MCU projects will no doubt increase fan anticipation, and WandaVision seems poised to set the benchmark of how it will turn out. 

With several movies and Disney+ series on the horizon, 2021 seems to be a good year for MCU fans, and WandaVision will get the ball rolling for Marvel Studios in exciting fashion. 

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