WandaVision: 12 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details in the New Marvel Trailer

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Scarlet Witch and Vision with Darcy Lewis

The MCU is so back.

Marvel unveiled the first trailer for Disney+'s WandaVision during the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, and the internet has exploded. For the first time since Black Widow' s final trailer in March (before movie theaters were Thanos-snapped by COVID-19), we officially have new MCU footage.

Without further adieu, let's break it all down. Here are 12 things from the WandaVision trailer - including Easter eggs and hidden references - that you (probably) missed.

Just Married!

Marvel Studios

The trailer kicks off with a black-and-white Cadillac driving past the screen, revealing a "Just Married!" sign on the trunk, with some noisy cans strung on the bumper to boot.

The very next frame reveals our title characters dressed in wedding garb. Wanda sports an elegant white dress while Vision suits up for the first time since Captain America: Civil War . The newly weds shares a dance and a smooch in their 1950s-esque home.

These quick shots obviously indicate Wanda is now Mrs. Vision, but it remains to be seen whether or not that marriage is recognized by the state. These Pleasantville vibes lean towards all this been a warped reality created by Wanda herself, but more on that later.

"Little Baby June"

Marvel Studios

Marvel have taught us quite a bit over the years. Never leave the theater before the credits roll. Take every on-screen death with a grain of salt. And most of all, analyze every single prop.

In a blink and you'll miss it (actually, more of a watch in 0.25 speed and pause after every frame) moment, Vision holds a newspaper as he kisses his new bride. The newspaper, titled the Westview Herald, has a headline that reads "LITTLE BABY JUNE'S FIRST WORD TICKLES MOTHER."

Die-hard Scarlet Witch fans will recognize June as a significant name. Introduced in the 2011 Osborn miniseries, June Covington was a university student turned genetically-modified miracle. She then joined Norman Osborn's second incarnation of the Dark Avengers, going by a familiar alias: Scarlet Witch.

House of M

Marvel Studios

Using her telekinesis to a practical advantage, Wanda sets the dinner table for a couple of (soon to be very rude) guests. Napkins float to the table, silverware hovers on its own, and a notable bottle of wine pours itself into a glass.

Remember what I said about Marvel and their props?

The bottle is labeled "Maison du Mépris," which translates to "House of Contempt." When considering the stressed syllables in the word 'contempt,' the label could also be read as "House of M."

House of M is often regarded as Scarlet Witch's best comic storyline. In the run, Scarlet Witch's mind is completely broken. Her father, Magneto, brings her to Professor Xavier with hopes that he can piece her back together, but not even his brilliance can fix her. And every time her mind drifts off, she changes reality. She even brings back a deceased Vision (sound familiar?) as well as her two twin children. More on that in a minute.

Sure, a slight stretch, but Marvel props are no joke. Every license plate, street sign, and decoration has a bigger significance, and you can be sure that a wine bottle that lingers in full-focus on screen for two full seconds has a greater purpose.

An Awkward Dinner

Marvel Studios

If Inception taught us anything, it's that it can be very difficult to control your dreams. While Wanda's warped reality looks to be a little different than your average sleep fantasies, it is clear that she does not have full control of what she has conjured up.

Wanda and Vision are questioned about their lack of children, they both get extremely flustered. Their male dinner guest (who's wife refers to as Arthur) capitalizes on this fumble, eventually scolding the newly weds. Arthur slams the table multiple times, demanding to know where the two moved from. Wanda and Vision look at each other, with no idea of how to respond.

This dinner scene has been rumored to be in Episode 1, with more guests (including one Agatha Harkness) expected to be attending.

This trailer reveals next to nothing about the show's plot, but this scene is a good indication of where it's going. Wanda's warped reality is fluid, and her guests are not necessarily under her control. At least, not all of them. More on that later.


Marvel Studios

Looks like the newly weds took Arthur's advice after all.

After being criticized for their lack of children, a brief frame reveals Wanda and Vision to be holding two children, presumably to be Wiccan and Speed. Wiccan boasts many of his mother's abilities such as telepathy and reality warping, while Speed's powers come from his deceased uncle, Quicksliver (he's fast).

In February, an audition tape made its way around social media showing child actor Nick Fisher reading for the role of a twin, likely to be either of the aforementioned duo. Fisher is elementary school age, so we can expect those two babies to put on some years during the duration of the series. Beyond that, Fisher's audition tape includes lines about Halloween, so expect the slightly older twins to pop up around the Halloween episode that was teased in the trailer.

In the House of M comic event, Wiccan and Speed are two of the many people Wanda brings back to life, but with a twist: they never existed to begin with.

Comic-Accurate Halloween Costumes

Marvel Studios

We already knew Wanda would don that iconic horned mask from the first Disney+ brief Super Bowl TV spot , but now we know she won't be alone.

After a brief shot of Wanda suited up in a Halloween costume eerily similar to her comic attire, we get a frame of Vision, collared-cape and all, walking through the street. While Vision's on-screen attire faithfully adapts his comic colors, it is far from the campy collared-cape and traffic light bright suit from the comics.

Vision Comics to WandaVision
Marvel & Disney+

The Halloween costume could potentially be a disguise for Vision while in public, as he looks very hesitant of his surroundings when walking outside with it on.

Speaking of Halloween...

Set During Halloween

Marvel Studios

If the comic-accurate costumes weren't enough indication, we get a quick glimpse at some trick-or-treaters outside Wanda's abode.

Now I know, these trick-or-treaters costumes must mean something because Marvel props, blah blah blah. Being in the blurred background, it is tough to tell exactly what these kids are dressed as. Keep an eye peeled for whichever episode this is from, because we are bound to get some more Marvel comics nods from trick-or-treaters' attire.

As they approach the house, hungry for candy, Vision slowly flies above them in a confused trance, looking perplexed at what's going on. Is Vision self-aware in this warped reality? He then returns back to land, and encounters a familiar face.

Agatha Harkness

Marvel Studios

Buckle up for this one, because we have a lot to unpack.

Vision approaches a car driven by Kathryn Hahn's mysterious character. Eagle-eyed fans will recognize her face from multiple other frames of this trailer, popping up in multiple different decade-inspired attires. Here, she sits in-trance at a stop sign, where Vision seemingly wakes her up. She sports silver hair, topped off with a witch hat. She then asks if she 's dead, which Vision baffledly denies.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you are."

Hahn's character proceeds to cackle at her comment, much like a witch would. Hahn has been long rumored to be portraying Agatha Harkness in WandaVision . Couple this behavior with closed captions referring to Hahn as Agnes, and it's looking pretty likely that the rumors are true (and if that's the case, I'm taking a personal victory lap for my correct speculation months prior ).

In the comics, Harkness is a Salem Witch Trial OG. She somehow survives the trials, makes it to present day, and serves as a mentor figure (and future foe) to Scarlet Witch. Considering Hahn is the only side character we see pop up in multiple versions of Wanda's warped reality, it is appropriate to assume she will serve as the big bad for the series.

Reality-Warping at Will

Marvel Studios

Yet another brief frame, but a significant nod towards the show's structure.

Draped in lounge attire and sporting some slightly-messy hair, Wanda begins to warp the furniture in her living room. She does this at will, changing decades-old furnishing to present day decor in an instant.

This indicates that the show will not necessarily be linear by time period, and could actually jump around from different decades in no particular order.

Two Monica Rambeaus?

Monica Rambeau WandaVision
Marvel Studios

And for the "What In The World Is Going On" superlative, we have an undisputed winner!

An '80s-dressed (and grown up) Monica Rambeau is sent soaring through the air encased in crimson energy. She then shatters through a portal, passing a location sign, taking her to presumably the present-day.

The location sign only has the first three letters visible, "WES-." Notably, Vision's aforementioned newspaper from the warped reality is the "Westview Herald," indicating that Westview is the name of their town. Could this normal-reality location sign read Westview as well? If so, that would point towards Wanda's reality not being completely fabricated, but rather directly based off a real-world location.

After passing the sign and crash-landing, Rambeau is then immediately surrounded by a group of armed agents, who approach her confused and cautiously.

Many have presumed these mysterious men to be from S.W.O.R.D. , an intergalactic intelligence agency designed to deal with extraterrestrial threats to world security. Set pictures have indicated Rambeau will be working for the intelligence agency.

So, if she's an agent of S.W.O.R.D., what is she doing in Wanda's warped reality?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Upon closer glance of the brief shot of the mysterious men, a familiar poofy hairstyle can be spotted in the background. The slight part in this woman's hair matches exactly with the Rambeau/S.W.O.R.D. set pictures, along with her ID tag being clipped to her belt.

Here's where it gets really interesting.

S.W.O.R.D. Rambeau and '80s Rambeau being in the same scene is extremely significant to the logistics of Wanda's warped reality. The fact that present-day Rambeau can see a warped-reality version of herself indicates that Wanda's reality is a lot more real than anything Spidey saw in Europe. Sorry Mysterio, you'll get 'em next time.

Either Wanda's reality-bending skills are so advanced that she can literally create authentic life, or, she is taking alternate reality versions of real-life people to bring into her warped reality.  After all, WandaVision is confirmed to directly lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , which is actively rumored to include alternate-reality versions of established MCU heroes. Could Wanda's trip-fest be the direct causality that opens up the multiverse?

Darcy Returns!

Marvel Studios

Another blink and you'll miss it moment, but eagle-eyed fans will notice Darcy Lewis in the background of the presumed S.W.O.R.D. shot.

Kat Dennings's popular supporting character has been absent from the MCU for over seven years, with her last appearance coming in 2013's (criminally underrated, I said it) Thor: The Dark World . Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed Dennings's involvement with WandaVision at last year's D23.

It remains to be seen as to how a Thor supporting character will factor in to Scarlet Witch's solo series, but her placement with the S.W.O.R.D. agents likely means she has affiliation with the group.

WandaVision, Like Television

Marvel Studios

I want hand-written apologies from everyone who criticized the awkward WandaVision series title.

Sure, when Marvel announced the series' title in April 2019, it felt a little forced. Considering other MCU Disney+ series boasted extremely clever titles such as Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , most assumed WandaVision was as much of a throwaway name as the rest.

Multiple title cards of this trailer indicate WandaVision has a double meaning: it is a combination of the two leading characters' names, but it is also a play on the word 'television.' Midway through the trailer, we are told that we are entering a "new era of WandaVision ," with the series title shifting to read 'television.' Then, the title sequence shows the second 'i' in WandaVision sparked with TV airwaves.

You can address those apologies to Mr. Kevin Feige.

Did we miss any moments that you caught from the WandaVision trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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