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WandaVision: Official Posters Show Scarlet Witch's Avengers: Endgame Costume, Vision In Android Form

Scarlet Witch, Vision, WandaVision
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal

WandaVision is currently having an impressive run on Disney+ through its first two weeks. It's no secret that the first MCU project of the Phase 4 slate has been making waves on social media due to the show's stockpile of mysteries , and the weekly release undoubtedly adds more intrigue to the matter.

The first batch of episodes makes it clear that Wanda and Vision's life in Westview is not what it seems , and WandaVision is poised to actually show what's really going on in the immediate future. From the true villain of the series to the true identities of certain characters like Agnes , the inaugural MCU offering clearly has no shortage of secrets, making it harder for everyone to find out how WandaVision affects the larger MCU.

While fans are still recovering from a mind-blowing “Episode 3,” a new set of promotional images has emerged to distract everyone from the multiverse shenanigans of the series.


As part of Wallpaper Wednesdays, Marvel Studios officially released two new promotional posters for WandaVision , showcasing a stunning look at the show's titular characters alongside a groovy 1970s aesthetic.

The first image shows Paul Bettany's Vision in his Android form.

Vision Official Poster
Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, the second poster features Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff wearing her costume from Avengers: Endgame .

Wanda Official Poster
Marvel Studios


As it is, these posters aren't too revealing, but they still managed to provide a fascinating look at the lead stars of WandaVision . It's evident that the marketing for the MCU series has been top-notch in the past weeks, and the two posters should serve as a great addition to Marvel's treasure chest of promotional materials.

Considering that WandaVision picks up right after the events of Endgame , it makes sense for the marketing side to focus on Scarlet Witch's costume from the 2019 blockbuster. Additionally, there were multiple teases in the past that Wanda will wear a brand-new costume at the tail-end of the series, capping off her inevitable transformation into his comic-accurate counterpart. If anything, it will be interesting to find out that transition in the coming weeks.

Given that WandaVision is now nearly halfway the season, fans can expect that a slew of big reveals (and even cameos) will be showcased in the next batch of episodes.

This development should help provide answers to the lingering questions from viewers, with the series finally shedding more light on its overall impact on the interconnected storytelling of the franchise.

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