New WandaVision Deleted Scene Reveals Ralph Bohner's Removed Ending

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Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner in WandaVision

A new WandaVision deleted scene just revealed the original ending for Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner.

While fans loved speculating the original MCU Disney+ series many mysteries, not all of the show's reveals were satisfying and some questions were left unanswered. 

Among WandaVision's handful of head-scratching plot threads was former X-Men star Evan Peters, and an alternate version of the MCU's Quicksilver in the show, was only a Westview nobody named Ralph Bohner

Now, ahead of WandaVision's Steelbook and Blu-ray release, fans are discovering that Ralph Bohner wasn't a nobody after all and actually the answer to one of the show's loose threads.

Ralph Bohner's Deleted WandaVision Ending

IGN just shared a cut scene from the hit Disney+ series revealing the original ending for Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner. 

Titled "Ankle Bracelet," the scene opens with Randall Park's Jimmy Woo saying they still "need to keep an eye out for our missing witness," the reason why he ended up in Westview in the first place. 

Jimmy Woo WandaVision

This is followed by Ralph Bohner creeping up to a nearby firetruck and grabbing a bolt cutter.

Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner in WandaVision

He is then shown cutting through an ankle bracelet, confirming he was Woo's missing witness all along.  

WandaVision, Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner

Check out the deleted scene below:

Why WandaVision Ignored Woo's Witness & Ralph Bohner's Identity

Ralph Bohner being Jimmy Woo's missing witness is actually what fans originally expected. 

Why the show chose to abandon Woo's missing person and this connection altogether is unknown and rather strange since it improves the Ralph Bohner storyline and doesn't completely ignore another. 

It's also odd that Bohner's hair and clothes are drastically different than how they appear in his character's big reveal in the finished show. Perhaps what fans can see on Disney+ was the product of WandaVision's reshoots or its deleted extra episode?

It's worth noting that WandaVision director Matt Shakman was asked about Woo's absentee witness in 2021 and whether he was still at large or on the cutting floor.

According to the director, "there's an answer for that," and encouraged fans to "you know...hang in there."

While, at the time, some speculated the missing person would return in another MCU project, knowing now what was intended, it's possible he was only referring to this long-awaited deleted scene. 

Regardless, at least WandaVision fans finally know Evan Peters was, in fact, supposed to be more than just Ralph Bohner, and Woo's hunt for that missing person wasn't missing to the degree originally thought. 

WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+.

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