WandaVision: Evan Peters Reflects on That Ralph Bohner Twist

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Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner, Monica Rambeau

WandaVision is filled with Easter eggs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but an intriguing twist in the form of the inclusion of Evan Peters' fake Pietro Maximoff caught fans off guard.

Serving as a showcase for Wanda Maximoff's post-Avengers: Endgame life, the series initially started out as a classic TV sitcom, complete with the resurrection of Paul Bettany's Vision alongside a blissful married life in the suburbs. However, it didn't take long before the show revealed that not everything was what it seemed, ultimately proving that Wanda was behind the Westview anomaly. 

The Elizabeth Olsen-led project became a treasure trove of unexpected twists and turns, and one of the mind-blowing reveals was the arrival of Peters' Quicksilver.

As expected, this story beat led fans to believe that the actor was playing the same character that he portrayed in Fox's X-Men films, but the WandaVision finale debunked this theory by confirming that Peters was actually just a random Westview citizen named Ralph Bohner

Now, the American Horror Story veteran opened up about this twist in a new interview. 



Marvel star Evan Peters served as a guest speaker during a talk with Pace University, and he discussed his appearance on WandaVision

In a snippet from the conference, via Tiktok user valeria.ped, Peters confirmed that he “didn't know” that the last name of his character, Ralph, was Bohner. The veteran actor also admitted that he laughed “hysterically” when he found out: 

“I didn't know his last name was Bohner. So, there's that scene where I'm upstairs in my man cave, and I'm explaining to her [Monica Rambeau]...she looks at the headshot, and she says 'Ralph Bohner!' And I was like, 'Bohner?!' I started hysterically laughing because I had no idea that my last name was Bohner. I knew that from the beginning that he was Ralph, and that he was being controlled by the witch.”


It's no secret that fans were initially upset by the Ralph Bohner twist from the WandaVision finale, but many would agree that it served the show's story well.

Peters' latest comment about laughing hysterically when he found out his character's last name was a natural reaction, especially after the comedic undertone it gave to viewers. The actor's inclusion in WandaVision sparked discussion from fans, and the twist served its purpose.

One of the main reasons behind the hype for Peters' arrival in the show was due to the X-Men rights returning to Marvel Studios. The initial appearance of Fox's Quicksilver actor led many to believe that he would act as the connective tissue of the two franchises, and the fact that Wanda was messing with reality appeared to be the final nail in the coffin during the reveal. 

Despite the hype and overwhelming theories, the Ralph Bohner reveal shattered those hopes. Still, Peters' performance as the fake Pietro Maximoff was well-received, and this could serve as a glimmer of hope for the actor's return down the line. 

WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer suspiciously played coy about Peters' MCU future, pointing out that she “can't say anything more” about the topic while also hinting at Marvel's “long game” approach.

It remains to be seen if Ralph will return in a future project, but there's a sense that the character's story is far from over.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+. 

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