WandaVision Creator Plays Coy on Evan Peters' Marvel Future

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Ralph Bohner and Scarlet Witch

The ending of WandaVision proved to be a controversial one for many fans. While the series concluded with an epic finale, some were left disappointed as no major fan theories proved to be true after all.

Some of these viral theories speculated that Wanda's actions in the Disney+ sitcom could introduce mutants into the MCU, or even open the doors to Marvel's multiverse; instead, fans were left with a brief tease of a greater threat being unleashed.

Ever since Evan Peters' fake Pietro arrived at Wanda and Vision's door in the fifth episode, many had awaited the reveal that he was reprising his role of Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men universe. But alas, no such reveal came, leaving fans with the reveal of his character being Ralph Bohner, Agatha Harkness' previously referenced husband.

But it seems the story isn't over, as WandaVision's creator has teased there may be more to come for the character after all in future MCU projects.


In an appearance on the Comic Book Central podcast, via a post by Reddit user miba54, WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer has suspiciously played coy on questions surrounding Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner, suggesting the character may return down the line in a future MCU project.

When asked about the development of fan theories throughout the nine-episode season, Schaeffer noted that “if there's something you feel is missing” then there is likely another film or series to come that “satisfies that need”.

“Anybody who's a fan of Marvel knows it's a long game. If there's something you feel is missing or didn't deliver, chances are there's gonna be another project down the line that does that thing or scratches that itch or satisfies that need.”

The MCU sitcom creator went on to make specific reference to Evan Peters' mysterious Ralph Bohner. Schaeffer largely played coy on the subject, possibly implying there is more to come as she decided to “stop talking because [she] can't say anything more”:

“Ya know, as far as Evan, it's complicated. I love what it is, and I'm gonna stop talking because I can't say anything more. But I really relished the whole experience with Evan on the show.”

Towards the end of the podcast, the writer was asked what she'd be working on next, curiously saying "[she] can't speak about my [her] next thing.” The secrecy around Schaeffer's next project has led many to speculate she may have another MCU film or series on the cards now that WandaVision has concluded.


Schaeffer's comments seem to subtly imply the mystery of Ralph Bohner isn't over yet and there may be more answers to come. When Evan Peters' mysterious Pietro showed up at Wanda's door, fans naturally assumed he would be reprising his Quicksilver role from the Fox X-Men franchise.

The fourth episode of WandaVision revealed that Agent Jimmy Woo only discovered the Westview bubble as he was checking on someone from the Witness Protection Program in town. The series' director Matt Shakman previously confirmed the identity of the missing witness would be revealed down the line.

Some have believed that Ralph is in fact the witness, and this would make logical sense. Given Ralph laughs when Monica says his surname of Bohner, it can be assumed this would be a fake name, something that would naturally be given to anyone living in witness protection.

Taking into account the need to mask Ralph's true identity with a fake name, the super-speed powers the character uses, and the characteristics shared with the Fox Quicksilver, it can be assumed this is Peter Maximoff from the old X-Men universe.

This leaves the question of where could Evan Peters next appear in the MCU. Well, the natural place for him to appear next would be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The upcoming film is set to continue the story of WandaVision with Elizabeth Olsen returning as Scarlet Witch for the multiverse romp. It's hard to think of a better film to connect the old X-Men universe into the Marvel multiverse and reveal the true identity of Ralph.

In terms of Schaeffer's next project, it's hard to speculate what this could be, but the surrounding secrecy could imply it's another MCU entry. Before WandaVision, the writer was involved in the Black Widow movie, meaning the door is likely open to a whole host of unannounced properties. The success of WandaVision could lead Kevin Feige to green-light a second season of the show, taking Scarlet Witch and White Vision on a new adventure, away from the sitcom formula.

Jac Schaeffer's work will next be showcased in Black Widow, which is set to hit theaters on May 7.

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