WandaVision's Final Post-Credits Scene Teases Doctor Strange 2 & Mephisto Connections

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Wanda Maximoff, Mephisto, Doctor Strange

Warning - This article contains major spoilers for "Episode 9" of WandaVision .

WandaVision has come to a triumphant ending , finally wrapping up Wanda and Vision’s story in the series finale. From commercials to conjured-up children, the hit Disney+ series has ventured to places that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never dared to before.

But staples of the MCU that fans have come to expect still remain in WandaVision’ s DNA, including those extra moments after the credits .

The series got not one, but two tantalizing post-credits scenes to tide fans over until Wanda Maximoff’s next MCU appearance. The first of these teased where Monica Rambeau would be heading next, with a Skrull telling the SWORD agent that she’s needed among the stars.

The final Marvel stinger tied more directly to the show’s titular lead, indicating how the Scarlet Witch could factor into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…


Cottage on Wundagore
Marvel Studios

The after-credits scene opens on a small, secluded wooden house, tucked away in the forested mountains. A lone Wanda Maximoff sits on the front doorstep, donning casual clothing with a cup of Joe in-hand.

The location is likely to be Wundagore Mountain, a place that has heavy ties to the mystical book that Wanda recently came into possession of. The Darque Hold is a series of caverns in the mountain, with one of its chambers being where the Darkhold was written by the villainous Chthon (more on that bloke later). Wanda could be going back to the home of the nefarious novel to connect with the text's contents and origins, allowing her to gain a better grasp on her magical abilities.

It is also home to the Citadel of Science, an institution in which the character Bova Ayrshire resides. A frequent ally to Wanda in the comics, Bova was previously referenced in "Episode 2" of WandaVision . With another bovine-based character potentially appearing in the Doctor Strange sequel, perhaps Wanda's cow-faced friend could make an appearance in the Multiverse of Madness too.

Some have also speculated that this setting may be another reference to the X-Men film franchise, possibly being Alkali Lake. WandaVision has had more than a few references to Fox's adaptations of Mutants, but the reveal of one Ralph Bohner likely dashes the hopes of any past X-Men characters and locations from truly making the jump over to the MCU.


Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff
Marvel Studios

For those who wanted their Doctor Strange connection, here it is. As Wanda enters her home to check on a boiling kettle, it is revealed that another version of her is hovering whilst studying the pages of the Darkhold. Agatha Harkness told Wanda that she had power, but lacked the proper knowledge to use it. It seems that Scarlet Witch is attempting to remedy that.

This seems to be a reference to a scene from Doctor Strange, in which Stephen Strange's body is sleeping while he simultaneously uses astral projection to continue studying the mystic texts. It very much seems like the same is going on here, though Wanda seems to have taken this a step further by controlling two bodies at once.

Perhaps the first Wanda that we see is merely a facade, hiding what the Scarlet Witch is truly doing from whoever may be watching.

But who could be watching Wanda in the middle of nowhere? While she seemed to get off scot-free, it is hard to believe that Wanda's actions won't catch up to her sooner or later. Perhaps a reformed SWORD under new leadership will confront the Scarlet Witch to atone for her actions, rather than apprehend or eliminate her like Hayward attempted to.

Alternatively, darker forces could come for Wanda and the knowledge she now possesses. Baron Mordo is still out doing...whatever he's doing, so perhaps he will want to seek Wanda's power in Doctor Strange 2 .

While it is somewhat unfortunate that the Sorcerer Supreme wasn't able to pop in for a quick cameo, the use of astral projection, or a variation of it, is a more-than-subtle nod that will prep fans for Wanda's eventual encounter with the good Doctor himself.


Marvel Studios

The supernatural book that Wanda is reading is none other than the Darkhold, which she pocketed following the defeat of Agatha Harkness. It is said to contain an assortment of evil incantations and spells as inscribed by the evil Chthon, who is essentially Marvel Comics' Cthulhu. He is also referred to as the 'God of Chaos' and frequently uses Chaos Magic, something our own Scarlet Witch is a master of.

With the Darkhold now officially confirmed to be in the MCU, it now needs an author to come with it. It is therefore likely that Chthon could be the next villain on Wanda Maximoff's horizons.

While Wanda was able to overpower Agatha Harkness, Chthon could pose a much bigger threat. As the villain possesses the same reality-manipulating abilities as her, this foe may be much more of a challenge. Perhaps the shifting nature of the multiverse in Doctor Strange 2 could make the perfect battleground for Wanda and Chthon to face off in and see who the true master of the chaotic arts truly is.


Scarlet Witch
Marvel Studios

As Wanda flips through her new tome, she hears some familiar voices calling out to her. Cries from Tommy and Billy grow louder and louder, causing the Scarlet Witch to act accordingly.

Wanda's sons were previously established to be tied with Westview, so its destruction meant that the Scarlet Witch had to let her children go. So how could her two boys be back?


Billy and Tommy, Mephisto
Marvel Studios

Okay, hear me out. WandaVision really seemed like it was going for the Mephisto option for a while. With rumors and Easter eggs hinting at the inclusion of Marvel Comics' version of the Devil, it may have been deflating for some to discover that it truly was just Agatha all along. That doesn't mean that Mephisto still can't show up though.

Tommy and Billy Maximoff have been intrinsically tied to Mephisto on the graphic page, both previously being part of the devious devil's soul. The devilish villain is also known to make deals with certain comic book characters, such as in the polarizing Spider-Man story "One More Day."

Perhaps the twins were not lost after all, instead having their souls captured by one red-headed villain ready to leverage a bargain. Unlike Vision, the boys were completely original creations of Wanda, not being based on her memories or fragments of the Mind Stone. Therefore, could there still be a chance for them to exist outside the confines of Westview?

Mephisto could offer the chance to see Tommy and Billy again, for a price. What this could cost Wanda is debatable, but her newfound knowledge from the Darkhold and her Scarlet Witch powers could be enticing for a maniacal demon man. The real question is: will Wanda make this trade?

The bottom line is, there is still hope that Mephisto could still make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It might just be a bit longer until we get there.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse
Marvel Studios

It's apparent that Wanda's next MCU outing will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . Perhaps the Tommy and Billy calling out to their mother aren't the twins that fans met during WandaVision , but alternate versions from the corners of the multiverse.

This could feasibly allow Wanda to reunite with iterations of her sons that truly existed, and weren't created to exist within a bubble. This could get messy with these versions of the boys not being this version of Wanda's sons, so perhaps it is more likely that their souls were scattered to the winds and snatched up by Mephisto. That is...unless there was some way for Wanda to also be these boys' mother...

That's right, we're going back to the Nexus Being theory. If you've been following along with the commercial deep dives and analyses so far, you'll know that there is some evidence that could suggest that the Scarlet Witch is a Nexus Being. Long story short, there have been implications that Wanda Maximoff could be a Nexus Being, which is suggested by her use of probability-based powers in "Episode 8" and the Nexus commercial from "Episode 7."

Nexus Beings are said to be all-powerful life forms that can manipulate probability to alter the timeline, with one interpretation implying that only one version of the character exists within the entirety of the multiverse. This would imply that Wanda Maximoff is the only version of herself, with other existing in any alternate reality. This would mean that she could, theoretically be the mother to all of her children in every universe. That's a lot of kids.

While this is a very out-there theory, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been shied from crazy concepts in the past. Perhaps Wanda will have to navigate the multiverse with Doctor Strange to reunite with her boys once more.


Scarlet Witch
Marvel Studios

WandaVision has completely revitalized the character of Wanda Maximoff, and this post-credits scene promises that there is still much more for the character in the near future. While it is unknown what Wanda will do with her Darkhold knowledge or how she will get to see her sons again, it will be exciting to see her make a return to the big screen alongside the Sorcerer Supreme.

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