WandaVision: Commercial Lady Star Victoria Blade Addresses Fan Theories (Exclusive)

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Marvel's first Disney+ original series, WandaVision, is about to come to an end, and fans are eager to hear behind-the-scenes information and stories from cast and crew. One actor who hadn't revealed much until this week is Victoria Blade, who has had roles on such series as Doom Patrol, Watchmen, and Brockmire, but is now perhaps best known to MCU fans as WandaVision's "Commerical Lady."

The Direct sat down with Blade to get the low down on what it was like to be a part of the MCU.


Scarlet Witch Commercial Lady

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Victoria Blade was asked about how she approached her role in the series.

All the commercials in WandaVision make reference to other Marvel projects, ranging from the character of Wanda Maximoff's past to comic book elements that some suspect will play a role in the franchise's future on screen. However, Blade says that "all of the Easter eggs and everything went completely over [her] head," and describes her method of tackling the show's advertisements.

"Because I had only seen Black Panther before this whole experience, all of the Easter eggs and everything went completely over my head, and I was really approaching it very head-on, like, as if I were an actor cast in a commercial. I wasn't approaching it from any sort of multi-layered approach because the way I saw it was like, my job is to sell this product, you know, and that's the way I approached the scenes. I didn't try very hard to layer in anything else."


As WandaVision has rolled out its episodes on Disney+, Blade has gotten a taste of how wild some theories surrounding her character - and the show in general - have gotten. She remained tight-lipped on her reactions to specific ideas fans have had, but shared how she's found it "just great to watch how excited everybody is, and how creative everybody is,".

"I'm probably not supposed to say anything about any of that until after the series finale. I will say that I have seen the theories because people can't stop talking about it, but most of them go over my head because I don't know the Marvel world. So [for] most of them I'm not the one to ask because I don't have the answers, but I think it's just great to watch how excited everybody is, and how creative everybody is. It's just been cool to me to see how enthusiastic the fans are."

Stay tuned to The Direct for more from our exclusive interview with WandaVision's Victoria Blade.

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