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Well, this pleasant, sitcom-fueled, happy-suburban-life journey that Wanda has brought viewers on has come to an end. Not only has it ended, but it concluded without a single mention of Mephisto or an appearance from Doctor Strange. Viewers weren't even left with a new Quicksilver! If the finale was anything, it was certainly surprising.

Without further ado, here's The Direct's final spoiler review on the finale of WandaVision : "The Series Finale."

Wanda prepares to fight for what she loves. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.


It would seem that Agatha wasn’t lying: it was indeed her all along with no Mephisto in sight. There are still questions unanswered though. How did Agatha come to be there in the first place? I mean we know that she sensed the magical energies and all, but I feel like there was still plenty to be told when it came to her initial involvement--and to dig deeper into the why. Wanda has been around for a while now, so you'd think that she would have been curious about her overwhelming power at some point earlier. Furthermore, how did she evade the Sorcerer Supreme all this time?

Either way, audiences got Agatha Harkness in the MCU, and she was otherwise done fantastically. Her power and intellect were on full display as she faced off against Wanda, trying to coerce her into using her powers. Kathryn Hahn was perfect in every way for the role. It was great to see that Wanda didn’t dispatch Agatha for good. It was made pretty clear that the doors are wide open for her return.

A notable bit of their showdown was no doubt the nightmare sequence. It was a super neat callback; we haven’t seen Wanda exercise her powers like that since Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel Studios even nailed the movements and sound effects. Seeing their confrontation truly embrace witchcraft and sorcery was really fun.

Though, some logic was left behind to make room for performance on Wanda’s end. Why play dead/defeated when she already won? Also, how was Agatha able to use her powers at all after she threw the runes onto the dome walls? Couldn’t all that power Wanda used earlier to open the dome been easy pickings for Agatha?

Alas, we should focus on the important thing: we finally got it. A classic, true to form, Scarlet Witch costume. Marvel even gave us the coveted tiara, something they’ve avoided vehemently for over half a decade now. It looks utterly fantastic, and it's a bit upsetting that we didn’t get something like this earlier. The Scarlet Witch is here, and apparently, she is going to end the world. Quite the tease for the future.

Vision looks to the new threat: his reborn self. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.


Let’s transition over to the other lead: Vision. White Vision very quickly made his way into the Hex to dispatch both Wanda and Hex Vision, not hesitating to make his presence known. It was nice to get at least one scene between this new Vision and Wanda. It would have been disappointing not to, seeing as by episode’s end he was nowhere to be found. That was, of course, after he had to contend with the resident synthezoid of Westview.

The Vision vs. Vision showdown was a treat to watch unfold. Seeing two Vision’s match up against each other was fantastic and a sight to behold, even if Marvel’s massive budget couldn’t perfect every special effect. What made this whole showdown even better was the fact that it ended in a philosophical and insightful discussion, a perfect ending to their quarry while also leaving plenty for the audience to think about. It’s a shame that White Vision wasn't present past his sudden exit.

Now, while the newly constructed Vision didn’t get any closure, the soon-to-be disintegrated Hex Vision did. Knowing the end was coming, the Maximoff family headed home for a truly touching and heartbreaking farewell scene. Wanda and Vision's last moments with Tommy and Billy were truly bittersweet, though no doubt Marvel fans will see different incarnations of them at some point in the future (especially given the final tease).

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have been fantastic all season, and their performances never fail to engage. Seeing the two say goodbyes to each other once again really tugged at those heartstrings, as did the notion that goodbyes may end up being a constant for them.

Nothing to see here. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.


Wanda and Vision were obviously the focal points of the series, hence the name of the series, but there was another character that had quite a bit of development in such a small amount of runtime: Monica Rambeau. It was really neat to see her finally get her powers, and more so to see it on display in the manner that it was in the finale. That said, there’s little to no understanding of how they work.

On top of that, Monica never really felt like she had a place in the wider narrative. This is something that was only accented by her showing up randomly for convenience, which was done several times. Even her lackluster stay with Ralph Bohner felt needless and out of place. Nonetheless, it was quite the disappointing payoff to that credits stinger.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. Monica is great. Hopefully, in her next adventure with that neat Skrull tease, she will be given more time to breathe while holding more importance to the wider things at play.

The Maximoffs saying their final goodbyes. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.


While the conclusion to WandaVision was generally satisfying, there were things that didn’t quite land. There was some disappointing payoff for Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner role in the story, Agatha's role in everything remained annoyingly vague, Monica’s rushed journey stuck out even more thanks to her convenient appearance, and White Vision felt like he needed just one more scene or two post-enlightenment.

On the flip side of that, though, fans got an emotionally satisfying and impactful ending to the story being told about Wanda and her family born out of trauma, and that was the core of WandaVision .

So, even though it may have faltered in places, the finale still provided a fitting conclusion to the MCU’s first Disney+ outing.

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