WandaVision's Farewell Scene Originally Had More Scarlet Witch Magic

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It has been over a month since Marvel Studios' WandaVision ended on Disney+. The unique hybrid of sitcom tributes and MCU extravaganza left fans guessing for eight weeks over the course of the season. While many theories ultimately weren't proven, audiences did get their first look at the Scarlet Witch in the MCU.

This show in many ways was simply about Wanda Maximoff dealing with her grief over the loss of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War. At the end of this wacky adventure, the Scarlet Witch emerged and set up her role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness . Audiences saw Wanda use proper magic for the first time, using runes to trap Agatha Harkness in Westview and make her powers cease.

As more interviews have popped up since the show's ending, it has now been revealed that Wanda was initially going to use even more magic in the grand finale.


Vision and Wanda Farewell WandaVision

WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer recently revealed on The Empire Film Podcast that Wanda was originally going to "perform a binding spell to bind her back to [Vision]" in the finale's farewell scene.

Scaeffer also explained that the final scene between her and Vision was filmed very early on and "was the heart of the show" for her.

Here's Schaeffer's full quote:

"The last bit of that scene where they're standing together, and they say 'we've said goodbye before' and he (Vision) has questions about who he is and all that. That was early stuff. The finale took forever to write and was be rewritten almost to the end in terms of all of the action pieces and the launching pieces of Scarlet Witch's power and all of that stuff. COVID, there was some logistical rewriting. But that scene was shot early, it was shot a long time ago. It was early in the production schedule because it was written early in the process. And it was the heart of the show for me, some of that language was part of my pitch. It was originally, she had to perform a binding spell to bind her back to him. So that sort of magic piece of it shifted."


Up until WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff has just been an extremely powerful mind-manipulating hero that used her abilities without further mystic training. The incredible reality of what the Scarlet Witch could become in the MCU is exciting and terrifying. Agatha Harkness did say that she will be stronger than the Sorcerer Supreme, giving reason to believe Doctor Strange and Wanda may eventually clash.

However, even without Doctor Strange, fans saw Wanda using astral projection and studying the Darkhold. She was already one of the strongest Avengers without any training in the mystic arts. Case in point being when she had Thanos trapped within her power and forced him to reign fire out of desperation. Stephen Strange didn't have any superhuman abilities before his trip to Kathmandu, and he became the Sorcerer Supreme because that was always his destiny.

Now that Wanda has realized her identity as the Scarlet Witch, is studying the Darkhold, and will appear in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, the sky is the limit for this character's abilities. More will be revealed about the Scarlet Witch when Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on March 25, 2022.

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