Keanu Reeves May Be in Consideration to Play Moon Knight in MCU

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Will Keanu Reeves portray Moon Knight in the MCU?

Marvel Studios has been pitching a perfect game when it comes to casting their larger-than-life characters. Whether it's suave sorcerers, Norse gods, or genius billionaire playboy philanthropists, the genius casting director that is Sarah Finn has flawlessly adapted thousands of fan-favorite heroes from the page to the big screen .

Marvel fans have no doubts in the Marvel casting process, but that doesn't stop dream-casting theories from taking over discussions. From correctly predicting 42 star Chadwick Boseman to reign over Wakanda, to recent rumblings that pair real-life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on MCU screens as a certain "fantastic" couple , fans have been scouting talent for future MCU roles since the universe's inception.

While not all dream castings become a reality, Marvel executives are always listening.


John Wick's next target might just be the MCU. Responding to a fan tweet , Geeks WorldWide Editor-in-Chief KC Walsh (@TheComixKid) says that someone "very high up on the MCU totem pole" agrees that Keanu Reeves should portray Moon Knight in the MCU.


Since his career resurgence, Keanu Reeves has been tied to numerous Marvel Studios productions. From being forced to turn down Jude Law's role in Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts , to being rumored to join The Eternals cast , Kevin Feige has made it apparent that he wants Reeves in an MCU project .

While fans may be elated to see a powerful Marvel executive high on Reeves to become Marc Spector, this news conflicts with past reports. Rumors circulated last fall that Kevin Feige and company have been searching for a "Jewish, Zac Efron-type" to fulfill the role. Reeves, being 55 years old and discreet about his spiritual beliefs, does not seem to match either of the qualities Marvel had been searching for.

Regardless, Reeves has been the fan choice to portray Moon Knight since the Disney+ series was announced last August at D23 . His quiet charisma and dark look certainly match various iterations of the cloaked Avenger, but his age may limit his chances of taking on a lengthy Marvel contract.

The Moon Knight series currently has no release date; however, it is expected some time in Phase 4.

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