New Thor 4 Photo Reveals Best Look at Muscular Natalie Portman's Hero

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Natalie Portman Thor Love and Thunder Hero

So far, fans know the least about Thor: Love and Thunder when it comes to leaks, with the most significant revealing that New Asgard will have a low-budget retelling of Thor: Ragnarok on-site. However, another, more exciting leak during production was seeing the best look at Natalie Portman's Jane Foster and her new muscular arms.

After being drip-fed merchandise of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor costume, showcasing her sleeveless look from the comics that show off her arms, fans were finally given their first real look at her in the teaser trailer for Love and Thunder.

Thor, Jane Foster

So, now that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has finally been released, Marvel Studios can move on to marketing and pushing this movie, starting with showing an even better look at the costumes for the titular heroes.

Natalie Portman's New Guns and Mjolnir Too

Empire has released a new photo from Thor: Love and Thunder showing Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in full Thor regalia, minus their helmets.

Thor Jane Foster Love and Thunder
Empire Magazine

In addition to fans getting a closer look at Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor costume, they have a much more flattering look at Hemsworth's new 80s-inspired blue and yellow costume.

Helmetless Once Again?

Natalie Portman Thor

Something that fans have often been saddened about in the MCU has been Thor never wearing his classic helmet from the comics. At most, he would only ever wear a helmet briefly before it was either knocked off, like in Thor: Ragnarok, or removed, never to be worn again, like his debut movie.

So, it'll be curious to see how often these two will wear their helmets in Love and Thunder, especially Portman's Mighty Thor, since one of the most iconic parts of her design was her helmet. She is seen wearing it in the teaser trailer, but how long will that last throughout the movie?

The Thors Costumes Are Killing It

As for the costumes themselves, Thor's initially gaudy-looking blue and yellow costume looks so much better when the saturation isn't dialed up to eleven. On closer inspection, it seems like the costume seen in that artwork is different from the one seen in leaked photos of the look.

Thor Artwork Costume Helmet
Marvel Studios

Not only does Hemsworth lack the bright yellow arm sleeves, but also a significant amount of yellow on the chest plate. So, it seems like fans will see this costume upgraded later in the movie, maybe with his eagle-adorned helmet too.

However, the standout between the two has to be Natalie Portman showing off her muscles again, but this time in a more official capacity. Putting no doubt in everyone's minds that Portman put in the work to have the physique of a goddess.

It's also cool to see the detailed cracks present on Mjolnir, still showing signs of what Hela did to it. But how the hammer was reformed will have to be answered when the movie is released or a trailer spoils it.

Fans will find out for sure when they see Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters on July 8.

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