Emilia Clarke's Marvel Character Reacts to Explosion In New Set Video

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Secret Invasion Emilia Clarke Skrulls Explosion

Fans had speculated that Emilia Clarke would be playing the green-haired character of Abigail Brand in Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion series, but recent set photos showing her as a brunette squashed those speculations. Additionally, alongside the appearance of Clarke on set, spectators also heard a large explosion and screaming inside the Halifax Piece Hall.

It was previously shown that the inside of the hall had been made to look like it took place in Russia, showing Russian banners that read "National Unity Day." However, it appears that this is where the explosion took place.

Interestingly, Clarke was seen on set again in the chaotic aftermath of the blast.

Emilia Clarke Investigates Explosion on Set

It appears that after the previously reported explosion that took place inside The Piece Hall on the set of Disney+'s Secret InvasionEmilia Clarke's mysterious character arrived by car to investigate it, as posted by @intelligencyco on Twitter.

Clarke's character can be seen leaving her car and heading toward the source of the explosion. Some civilians are fleeing past her while soldiers rush into the blast zone, paying no attention to Clarke:

Another photo was snapped, showing Clarke speaking to a crewmember in between shoots and bundled in a thick winter jacket and hair clips securing her hair:


Clarke's Character Still a Mystery

The identity of Clarke's character is still a mystery, but with her seemingly being trailed by Maria Hill, it's uncertain if she's a potential ally or deep-seated spy for the Skrulls or even the Kree. Although, it seems that the explosion catches her off guard as she's seen exiting her car, and she could be a third-party unaffiliated with any side of the conflict.

Strangely, none of the soldiers are paying her any mind as they run past her, but it could simply be due to the chaotic aftermath of the explosion. However, it clearly shows that Clarke's character is invested in the conflict; otherwise, why else would she explore the explosive aftermath of National Unity Day?

Fans will find out for sure when they watch Secret Invasion on Disney+, likely starting in 2023.

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