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Emilia Clarke, Marvel Studios

After a period of radio silence from Marvel Studios, fans have gotten their first look at the highly-anticipated Secret Invasion series coming to Disney+, although it's still not arriving for more than a year. With major newcomers like Emilia Clarke joining forces with MCU regulars like Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, this series is already building excitement for its story and cast alike.

Although specific plot details are shrouded in mystery as filming continues in the United Kingdom, leaked photos and videos are providing a sneak-peek into a bit of the action that's being captured for this thriller of a Disney+ series. From Cobie Smulders' interactions with Ben Mendelsohn as Maria Hill and Talos to Kingsley Ben-Adir's first sightings with Marvel Studios, the inside looks are slowly bringing Secret Invasion into the forefront for fans.

Included in the recently leaked images was a look at former Game of Thrones leading lady Emilia Clarke, who was seen on the streets of Leeds, England sporting a dark coat and a short brunette hairstyle. Now, new video taken from set provides another tease for Clarke's oft-discussed MCU debut.

Video of Emilia Clarke from Secret Invasion Set

Emilia Clarke, Marvel Studios

Twitter user @SInvasionNews shared new video of Emilia Clarke playing her mystery role on set for Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, for which shooting is taking place in the United Kingdom.

The first video is only two seconds long, capturing a glimpse of Clarke looking behind her for a moment as she walks down the street to make sure she's not being followed.

The second video shows Clarke walking down a corridor full of people in the same outfit, again trying to stay under the radar. The footage ends with Clarke and Maria Hill actress Cobie Smulders laughing and hugging one another, although that's likely not part of the action being shot.

The same account followed up the videos by commenting that it looks like Hill is either "following (Clarke) or meeting her," although it seems more likely that Clarke is being followed due to the worried look on her face:

"She’s either following her or meeting her but looks as if she were following her due to other set photos and videos that show Emilia Clarke looking worried and suspicious around the public.

Emilia Clarke's Mysterious MCU Introduction

Secret Invasion seems to be shrouded in more mystery than almost any upcoming MCU Disney+ project, which feels appropriate considering the story it's adapting from Marvel Comics. These images and video are the first to show any of the cast, and even with a solid look at Emilia Clarke, there are still no signs pointing to what she's actually doing in the MCU.

Even in this set footage, fans see over half a minute of Clarke in costume and mostly in character, and yet, there is no more information regarding her place in Secret Invasion's cast and story. Past comments from Clarke have teased that she wants to have an extended run in the MCU's future, but until her role is revealed, viewers will just have to keep guessing where she fits into this series.

Since the series isn't set to debut for at least another year, and with filming likely far from done, it will almost certainly be a while until Marvel reveals any official information about what the award-winner is doing with Marvel Studios. No matter what those answers are, she will remain a hot topic as this blockbuster Disney+ show moves further towards completion.

Secret Invasion is currently filming and will likely debut on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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