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Fittingly for an adaptation of the comic storyline of the same name, Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion is shrouded in mystery. The Disney+ series will see the return of Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn's Skrull Talos, and Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill, with award-winning actresses Emilia Clarke and Olivia Coleman making their MCU debuts.

With the original source material being a massive crossover event starring the Avengers, X-Men, and more, it remains unclear how the MCU will adapt the Skrull invasion storyline with its smaller cast and scale.

As of now, Secret Invasion has yet to announce a premiere date, but recent evidence suggests it may begin in 2023 as it connects to the events of The Marvels.

Filming is currently underway in the U.K., and new set photos have offered a first look at one of the mysterious new characters.

Emilia Clarke's Secret Invasion Character Revealed

Newly-released set photos from Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, originally shared by Leeds Live, offered the first look at Emilia Clarke's mysterious character in the Disney+ series:

The images come from the ongoing filming taking place in the city center of Leeds in the U.K.:

A video shared on Twitter by @shivroydyke showed the Game of Thrones star walking through a doorway into an unknown building:

Further footage released on YouTube by UnBoxPHD shows even more of Emilia Clarke on the set, preparing to film a scene:



Who Is Emilia Clarke Playing in Secret Invasion?

Both Marvel Studios and Emilia Clarke have been keeping their lips sealed as to who the Game of Thrones star will be playing in Secret Invasion. The secrecy behind her role makes it near-certain she will be playing an established Marvel character, and the casting of Clarke suggests it will be a major one.

Up until now, the consensus has been that Clarke will play SWORD commander Abigail Brand, although she is distinctly missing the character's iconic green hair. The British actress was also seen filming with Maria Hill actress Cobie Smulders, confirming they will be working together in some way, which only adds credence to the Brand theory.

Abigail Brand's debut in Secret Invasion would be a significant move from Marvel if she were to hold onto her comic origins. The super spy was born on the planet Axus to an alien father and a human mutant mother from which she inherited the X-gene, giving her the ability to coat her hands in flames hot enough to cut through metal.

Of course, it's entirely possible the theories are wrong, and Clarke will be playing another character altogether in Secret Invasion. But no matter what, her role will definitely be a significant one that will probably lead to further appearances in more projects down the line.

Secret Invasion has yet to set an official release date but is expected to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023.

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