Why Emilia Clarke Is So Terrified of Spoiling Her Marvel Cinematic Universe Role

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For fans surprised at how much how MCU content they've received thus far on Disney+, Marvel Studios is just getting started.

Following the release of What If...? later this summer, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are set to close out the year, while the 2022 slate currently consists of She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Secret Invasion.

In addition to Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman, and more, a familiar actress from that galaxy far, far away — Emilia Clarke — has joined the cast of Secret Invasion for Disney+, which looks to focus on the Skrulls first seen in 2019's Captain Marvel and then again in Spider-Man: Far From Home

And apparently for Clarke, life imitates art when it comes to the level of secrecy surrounding Marvel's Secret Invasion


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On the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, via The Playlist, Emilia Clarke opened up about her experience with Marvel Studios so far and admitted her fear that "I'm going to say something, and they'll get upset."

"Yes. The first people I spoke to with Marvel after getting the role was their security team…I actually live in fear that something is going to happen, and I’m going to say something, and they’ll get upset. But, I play a character that I’m super into everything about it."

Of course, fans don't know just who the actress is portraying in the series or whether she's a Skrull or human. 

Now Emilia Clarke is no stranger to Disney-owned franchises, having played Qi'ra in 2018's Solo: A Star Wars Story, or a major franchise in general, considering her tenure with HBO's Game of Thrones

This is why it's kind of shocking that fans haven't seen the actress appear in the MCU before now. 

When asked if she was ever up for the role of Sharon Carter who first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier during her time with Game of Thrones, Clarke said, "No, this is my first brush [auditioning] with Marvel."

 “I don’t know that happened, I could have been up for it and nobody ever told me…No, this is my first brush [auditioning] with Marvel. I feel like there was the whole time I was with ‘Game of Thrones’; one would imagine that, this is me guessing…[Marvel Studios] didn’t want to take someone that’s in the middle of a massive franchise out of respect, or they just thought I was crap until now [laughs].”


Considering Emilia Clarke's concern for spoiling secrets and her fear of Marvel Studio's security team, it's possible her Secret Invasion character is incredibly important to the series and perhaps what the MCU has in store for the future. 

The show itself is certainly one of the most intriguing Marvel has coming down the pipeline, particularly in regard to its star-studded cast. And even though Marvel Studios can literally do no wrong these days, it seems unlikely that they would bother to cast A-list stars like Clarke or Academy Award winner Olivia Colman in inconsequential roles. 

Apart from Secret Invasion, Clarke has been busy fielding questions about the possibility of her character Qi'ra returning to the Star Wars Universe, particularly in the upcoming Disney+ series Lando.

So far, Clarke has denied having been contacted to reprise her role. But much like Marvel, Lucasfilm is all about secrecy, and wouldn't a denial be exactly what a Skrull would say?

Secret Invasion arrives on Disney+ in 2022.

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