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Although Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion still doesn't have a timeframe for release, the series has the MCU fandom on edge thanks to its subject matter alone. Centered around returning stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn while introducing MCU newcomers like Emilia Clarke, the mini-series remains appropriately shrouded in mystery.

In the simplest of terms, Secret Invasion will explore a story in which the Skrulls have invaded Earth, meaning anybody in the MCU is in danger of having been replaced and duplicated. Nick Fury and General Talos will have to join forces for the first time since Spider-Man: Far From Home as they try to uncover who these Skrulls are and what they want with Fury's home planet.

Once these Skrulls are revealed, this will undoubtedly lead to some intense physical battles, one of the MCU's signatures from the last 14 years of storytelling. While most of those fights are being kept under wraps, a new video teased some of the action that Clarke will see in her first Marvel Studios project.

Secret Invasion - Emilia Clarke vs. CGI Character

Emilia Clarke, Secret Invasion, Skrulls

Twitter user @Daenerys4lyfe shared a 23-second video from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion.

The video shows actress Emilia Clarke shooting with someone wearing a grey motion-capture CGI suit. No audio is included, and it appears that the CGI character is choking out Clarke as she fights for her life on the ground below.

The full video can be seen below:

The Mystery of Emilia Clarke's MCU Debut

Although it's certainly exciting seeing more video of Clarke on set for her first Marvel production, there's very little to go off of in regard to what's actually happening.

For the time being, Clarke's role remains a secret, which makes it a challenge to speculate on this scene as she fights another undisclosed character. Following her time leading Game of Thrones, she seems set to potentially take on a role that includes some action in the MCU, meaning fans will look for evidence of more fight scenes in the future.

This comes on top of set videos from earlier in 2022 that showed Clarke walking down a UK street as Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill lurked closely behind her.

Once more information is released regarding Clarke's role and Secret Invasion as a whole, videos like this should be easier to decipher in terms of characters and story. For now, however, Marvel Studios' secrets remain intact as the show continues working toward its highly-anticipated debut.

Secret Invasion is currently filming and will likely release on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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