Watch: Emilia Clarke Makes Marvel Debut In New Secret Invasion Trailer

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Emilia Clarke, Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson will be making his return to the MCU as Nick Fury in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion. The show will be a major event in the franchise's timeline, as Skrulls have invaded Earth and pose a threat to humanity. 

Secret Invasion is set to come out on Disney+ sometime in 2023, but exceptionally little is known about the plot. A great amount of mystery and trickery is expected to take place in the show, where both characters and fans alike decide to trust people who may not be who they say they are.

Emilia Clarke was confirmed to be joining the cast of the show back in 2021. The character that the actress will be portraying still has not yet been revealed, but a recent report suggested that it could be a Skrull known as G'iah from the comics. Even though Clarke's character hasn't been confirmed, the release of the first official trailer for the series at D23 has given fans a glimpse at what her she'll look like.

First Trailer for Secret Invasion Released

During Marvel Studios' presentation at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, the first official trailer for Secret Invasion was released.

The footage most notably featured the first look at Emilia Clarke's character. The actress, known for her starring role in Game of Thrones, will be making her MCU debut in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Emilia Clarke, Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion

Some familiar faces also showed up in the trailer, including Don Cheadle's James Rhodes, Martin Freeman's Everett Ross, and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos.

The full trailer can be seen below:

Emilia Clarke in Full MCU Swing

Not much was revealed in the trailer about Clarke's character in Secret Invasion, but if the reports are true and she is actually a Skrull, then she is just hiding in human form to avoid drawing attention to herself.

However, the footage does tease that she will be a part of multiple action sequences. A leaked set video that made its way onto the internet in 2021 showcased Clarke wearing a motion-capture suit and filming an intense fight scene on the ground. If they had her in a full suit like that, it adds to the theory that she will be a Skrull, and she could even be forced to turn from her human form into her Skrull form mid-fight.

Even though the trailer features some other big characters such as Rhodey and Everett Ross, this is the first official look fans have gotten at Emilia Clarke in what will be her debut project. There has been no word on if she will return for future MCU projects, but since she is such a highly respected actress in that community, Marvel likely has plans to bring her back in some capacity.

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