MCU: First Official Look at Nick Fury’s New Costume Revealed (Photo)

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Disney+ Nick Fury

Marvel Studios is set to kick off Phase 5's Disney+ programming with the MCU's biggest streaming crossover event to date in Secret Invasion, featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn as Nick Fury and Talos. But even with the series set to debut in just over six months, this new entry remains as much a mystery as any future MCU entry announced.

At least a dozen newcomers and Marvel veterans are confirmed for inclusion in Secret Invasion, with Fury being the headliner for the first time in Jackson's 14-year MCU tenure. This will allow for a deeper look at the former director of SHIELD than fans have ever seen before, which should give Jackson plenty of room to shine as the alien Skulls infiltrate and invade Earth at every level.

This new series will also give Fury a new look, as an image from last year's Disney+ Day showed Jackson sporting a full beard while not sporting the eye patch he's worn for almost all of his prior MCU movies. 

Now, the MCU's original post-credits star has the opportunity to be featured in the first official merchandise for Secret Invasion, with Marvel debuting the show's first Funko Pop!.

First Look At Secret Invasion Funko

The official Funko Twitter page released an image of the first official Funko Pop! from Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, which premieres on Disney+ in Spring 2023. 

This Pop! features Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury as he returns for his first Phase 5 project and leading role in any MCU show or movie.

Nick Fury Funko Pop!
Marvel Studios

Jackson's bearded figurine is wearing slacks, a leather jacket, and a beanie, although Fury is missing his classic eye patch. In its place is a white eye with an "X" in the center along with the three claw scratches he received from Goose the Flerken in 2019's Captain Marvel.

The Pop! is a limited edition figurine exclusively for attendees at New York Comic-Con 2022.

The full image can be seen below:

Nick Fury Funko Pop!

Fury Ready for MCU Comeback on Disney+

Although there are barely any official looks at Secret Invasion yet, this Funko Pop! kicking off the promotional tour should get fans geared up for this thrilling event. And after set photos and videos showed basically this same outfit on Jackson during his shoot in the United Kingdom, fans should be eager to see a version of this hero that's hitting the pavement and trying to learn about what's going on.

With this Pop! being an exclusive for New York Comic-Con, it will hopefully kick off debuts for more Pops! that will showcase other characters from this series, all while Marvel finishes reshoots to get the last material needed for the story. Then, the biggest question turns to when fans will get their first look at footage from this highly-anticipated new MCU entry.

San Diego Comic-Con attendees saw the first Secret Invasion footage exclusively during Marvel's panel, although this trailer will certainly be different from the first official one Marvel releases ahead of next spring. Whatever that footage holds, it's sure to include a lot of Nick Fury as he takes on potentially his biggest mission in the MCU to date.

Secret Invasion will begin streaming on Disney+ in spring 2023.

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