Samuel L. Jackson Photo Teases Young Nick Fury In New Disney+ Series

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Marvel Studios is set to bring possibly its biggest Disney+ event yet in Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn's Secret Invasion, taking inspiration from the comic run of the same name. Following up on the events of both Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, this new series will look at Nick Fury and Talos finding out just how deeply the Skrulls are embedded into Earth's society.

Looking at the MCU's 2022 schedule and reports pertaining to scheduling, fans likely won't see Secret Invasion on Disney+ until sometime in 2023. Thankfully, a first look into the show's set is teasing plenty of incredible action, however mysterious it may be with other characters like Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill and Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke.

At the center of it all will be Jackson, who continues one of the longest tenures in the MCU with a dozen appearances under his belt already. Now, the man behind the one-eyed Fury is sharing a new look into some of his work on Secret Invasion, hinting that there may be a glimpse into the spy's early days in the game.

Sam Jackson Teases Patchless Fury in Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion star Samuel L. Jackson shared a selfie on Instagram from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, which is set to premiere on Disney+.

Sitting in his dressing room wearing a t-shirt with an outline of Fury's face, Jackson shows off the mustache/goatee that he rocks when playing the role. However, this look doesn't include the injury to his eye that he suffered in 2019's Captain Marvel or the classic eye patch he's worn in every other MCU entry.

Jackson included the following caption, teasing that Secret Invasion may tackle a younger Fury in the plot:

"Patch, no patch, no scar, no scar. Old School Fury Day, gotta find the Groove! #SecretInvasion #justlikeridingabike"

Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury


Full Fury History in Secret Invasion?

Although Secret Invasion boasts a cast full of A-listers, it seems only right that the story is focusing on Sam Jackson's Nick Fury considering his nearly 14 years of time in the story. If anything, this could be seen as Jackson's first headlining MCU role, meaning that viewers will finally get a deeper look into his backstory.

Of course, the central story will look at the Skrull invasion on Earth and how Fury will team up with Talos to make sure his planet stays safe from the dangerous sect of alien visitors. However, as has been the case Disney+ show thus far, there should be time available to look at more of Fury's journey to becoming the hero he is in the present day.

Captain Marvel started that journey in 2019 as Fury met Vers/Carol Danvers before she became an Avenger, letting fans see him ride the desk for a few years at SHIELD. Where Secret Invasion goes with his backstory is up in the air, but this look at Jackson makes it almost certain that some of the plot will include some Furious flashback fun.

The big question is how closely those flashbacks will tie into the plot from both Captain Marvel and Secret Invasion, especially with Fury having lost his eye more than 30 years prior to this Disney+ series. There are also signs that some of the present-day story will see Fury without his eye patch, as teased by the first official image of Jackson in the show from Disney+ day.

Regardless of those details, Jackson's younger take on the secretive agent will add another intriguing dynamic to this mystery-filled outing.

Secret Invasion is currently filming and will likely debut on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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