Marvel Studios Reportedly Hires New Writer to Reshoot Disney+’s Secret Invasion

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Secret Invasion reshoots

The MCU's infiltration by evil Skrulls will soon be underway in Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion. The show will star the one and only Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury as he teams up with Ben Mendelsohn's Talos to fight back against a group of shapeshifting aliens who have been on Earth for years, creeping into the world's governments and wreaking havoc.

Little is otherwise known about the plot of this series, but several cast members have been announced, including Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and Marvel veteran Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

Also along for the ride is actor Christopher McDonald who is, perhaps, best known for his work in 1996's Happy Gilmore. It's not clear who McDonald is portraying in Secret Invasion, but he had several intriguing details to offer in a recent interview. 

Secret Invasion Actor Confirms Added Reshoots Writer

Secret Invasion, Nick Fury

Speaking to Awards FocusSecret Invasion star Christopher McDonald mentioned that Marvel has brought in a new writer for the show's reshoots that has, as he puts it, "amped it up:"

"The director Ali Selim is fantastic, and it’s a delight to play this storyline because it’s really, really good. We’re actually heading back to London on Tuesday to do additional scenes. They’re doing reshoots in a way that’s making the story better. Apparently, there’s a new writer in there. He’s amped it up, and the series is going so much deeper than before."

Additionally, the actor sang the series praises and his "wonderful" experience working on it. He also offered an interesting tidbit concerning his character's ability to be a part of "any storyline in the Marvel universe:"

" I have to tell you, it checked off so many wishes off my bucket list. First of all, working in the Marvel universe and working with great actors is so wonderful. What I can tell you about my character is that he can sneak in and out of any storyline in the Marvel universe."

The MCU's Secret Invasion is Shaping Up

It's always nice to hear when an actor in one of these high-profile Marvel Studios productions is having an enjoyable and rewarding time working on it. It's especially cool to see McDonald discuss how Secret Invasion has fulfilled his ambition to play a character in the MCU.

Of course, it's completely unknown exactly who this new writer is. McDonald didn't mention them by name, and with the huge number of scriptwriters working in Hollywood these days, it could be anyone. What's important, though, is that they seem to be having a positive impact on the series and that they've added a lot of depth to the story.

Secret Invasion is rumored to be undergoing four whole months of reshoots. Why such a lengthy block of filming? It could be to accommodate the various stars' schedules. They're presumably all busy people, so perhaps coordinating all of them couldn't be done in short order. Or it could be due to the rumor that there are Russian-focused elements in the series and, given the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, many have speculated that the true purpose of the reshoots is to remove said elements. 

Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion does not yet have an exact premiere date, but the release window is confirmed by Marvel to be sometime in early 2023.

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