First Look at Emilia Clarke Filming Marvel's Secret Invasion Reshoots (Photos)

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Emilia Clarke Marvel MCU Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is a project that promises to include plenty of secrets and paranoia. The recent teaser provides audiences with plenty of Spy Thriller vibes. One of the biggest mysteries easily goes to Emilia Clarke’s mystery character.

Clarke is a big-time actress, so there’s no doubt she’ll be playing someone important. If a previous report from insider Daniel Richtman is to be believed, Clarke could be playing G’iah, a Skrull from the comics.

Even with the new trailer, no notable clues as to her real identity have been discovered. It seems the truth may not be known until the series releases next year.

Until then, however, why not enjoy some new photos showing the actress shooting some additional footage for the show?

Emilia Clarke Partakes In Marvel Reshoots

Emilia Clarke Secret Invasion

Thanks to Just Jared, fans have some new looks at Secret Invasion actress Emilia Clarke on the set of the series while they undergo reshoots.

The site’s photos show Clarke hiding in a Russian meat packing van, slaughtered pigs and all. Sadly, the photos aren’t allowed to be included here, so the link above will need to be clicked to see them.

Twitter user @UpdatesEClarke also took to the social media site to share some photos of the filming, which seemed to be of a different scene.

The first batch of photos sees the actress in costume talking to a film crew member. Besides her character waiting outside of a car, no further context can be surmised.

Here Clarke can be seen in a warming coat, which also serves to hide her costume. In additional photos, she seems to be zoning out as she waits for the camera to start rolling.

Her fancy blue coat sure does seem comfy and warm.

Fans Will Have to Continue Waiting for More Info on Clarke’s Character

Sadly, the above photos don’t reveal all that much. They also don’t offer up any additional clues as to who Clarke will truly be playing.

Though, the new set images do seem to give off the vibe that she’s on the run—something many characters in the upcoming series will likely be able to relate to.

While plot details for the show remain scarce, it was revealed during D23 that the events of Secret Invasion would lead right into those of Armor Wars. While this statement was directed at Rhodey’s journey across the two shows, it’ll likely affect other characters as well.

Maybe Emilia Clarke will have big enough of a role that she’ll carry over to the other event series? That is, assuming she’ll be alive by the end of her debut.

Secret Invasion is set to hit Disney+ sometime in early 2023.

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