Emilia Clarke Shares New Adorable Photos From Marvel’s Secret Invasion Set

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After an extended run as the leading heroine on the wildly-successful Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is ready for the next step in her journey with a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She'll make her debut with the franchise in spring 2023 as a key player in Secret Invasion on Disney+, which also stars MCU regulars, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Clarke has shared her excitement over joining the MCU often since she was first confirmed to be in Secret Invasion, and she's already made an incredible impression on her co-stars in the process. Jackson heaped praise on Clarke for her performance in her yet-unconfirmed role in the series, calling her "amazing" as he looks forward to fans seeing her in action early next year.

Following her debut in the first trailer for Secret Invasion, Clarke shared a heartwarming message on social media expressing her immense excitement over being a part of a franchise like the MCU, making it clear that she went full-fangirl. And recently, she gave fans another look into her MCU experience, which included an adorable look at her personal animal companion on the Secret Invasion set.

Emilia Clarke Shares Secret Invasion Pup Pics

MCU newcomer Emilia Clarke took to Instagram to share new images from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, which will premiere on Disney+ next Spring.

Her first picture features her adorable puppy looking directly into the camera as she sits in a chair on set. The person behind her is blurred out, as are most of her surroundings.

Emilia Clarke, Instagram

Clarke lets out a laugh as the Dachshund licks her neck and chin, with the actress standing behind another big part of the Secret Invasion set. She's also wearing what appears to be the same outfit she uses in the shot of her from the show's trailer that was released at the D23 Fan Expo.

Emilia Clarke, Instagram

The photoshoot ends with the puppy sitting in Clarke's set chair, which is only labeled with her full name rather than her character's name from Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke, Instagram

Along with the cute puppy photos, Clarke included a caption recapping her day with the dog, indicating that he "nearly destroyed a set" after wanting to be on camera:

"My boy looks like an angel, but in his desperate need to be on camera, he nearly destroyed a set.
And then shat on it. #yesadogisthelasthinganADwantstoseeontheirset
#unconditionalloveispickingupdogpoooncamera @marvelstudios"

Clarke also tagged the location as "Marvel Cinematic Universe" rather than indicating if she was in Atlanta, Georgia, or another location for filming.

Clarke Loving Her Time With Marvel Studios

Especially considering that Emilia Clarke is world-famous for playing the Queen of Dragons in Game of Thrones, she's been something like a kid in a candy store as she transitions to her next big job with Marvel Studios. She's even already adapted some of Marvel Studios' more secretive practices, admitting that she's worried about spoiling any of Secret Invasion's biggest secrets regarding her appearance.

But in the end, the former Daenerys Targaryen is prepped and ready to make her experience with the MCU as good as it can be. The new star has teased that she's ready to spend the next decade working with Marvel Studios should she have the opportunity, which would go well past the MCU's work with the newly-named Multiverse Saga.

While nothing official has been said about her role, rumors have pointed to her playing a key Skrull named G'iah who actually switches sides in the Skrull war against humans and turns on her own people. It's still a mystery if and when that will be confirmed, but for now, Clarke's inclusion alone is bringing plenty of excitement.

Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ in Spring 2023.

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