Marvel Studios Reveals Park Seo-Joon's New MCU Character

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Fans were curious when Marvel Studios cast South Korean actor Park Seo-joon in an unknown role in The Marvels, but the newest trailer appears to have confirmed his MCU character.

It was previously rumored that the Captain Marvel sequel would have musical elements, with one insider claiming that the characters "go to a planet where they can only communicate in song." This is something that would be taken directly from Issue #9 of Captain Marvel from 2014, where the residents of Aldana speak entirely in rhyme.

Many theorized who Seo-joon's character could be and if he was connected to this planet. On top of that, rumors began to swirl about his character being Carol's new "husband."

Park Seo-joon as the Singing Prince in Captain Marvel 2

Not only does Park Seo-joon make a small appearance in the trailer for The Marvels, but his role appears to be significant enough to be credited alongside the main cast in the new press release:

"The film stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon."

Although, the fact that he's listed last points to his role being smaller than the others.

The Marvels, Captain Marvel, Park Seo-joon
Marvel Studios

Fans see a glimpse of Seo-joon's character, who has long flowing hair and is adorned in a colorful and reflective outfit with shoulder pads seemingly mimicking wings.

The Marvels, Captain Marvel, Park Seo-joon
Marvel Studios

But it appears his character isn't a pushover, wielding a sword as he's backed up by people wearing horned masks ready to charge someone. As for who that could be, looking at the background, they're likely about to fight the film's villain and her Kree soldiers.

The Marvels, Captain Marvel, dancing
Marvel Studios

However, the more telling clues to who Seo-joon is playing are shown through what can only be choreographed dance sequences seen in the trailer in the same location.

The Marvels, Captain Marvel, dancing
Marvel Studios

Returning to those rumors of the sequel having musical elements, it appears this alien planet is indeed Aldana or at least a planet strongly inspired by it; Seo-joon is primed to play one of the planet's royalty, specifically Prince Yan.

Will There Be a Musical Detour in The Marvels?

As noted, since Park Seo-joon is listed last in the casting lineup included in the press release, it's unlikely that he'll have a significant role in the movie. 

This could also mean that this planet won't have a huge part in the movie either and rather act as a brief pit spot for the heroes.

However, what's interesting is that this is the same location where fans first saw Kamala Khan's new costume. So perhaps this is where Kamala and Carol get their new costumes?

Fans will find out when they see The Marvels hits theaters on November 10.

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