Will Chris Evans Return to the MCU? Anthony Mackie Shares Encouraging Response

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Avengers: Endgame ended with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers living out his life as an old man and handing the shield to Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson. Of course, Wilson would finally take up the mantle in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with the full support of Evans.

In that series, there were plenty of jokes at the expense of conspiratorial fans about how Rogers is still alive, perhaps hiding on the moon. Although, according to Bucky, Steve is "gone," which could be a lie or careful use of wording.

But, in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it does seem like Rogers hasn't died of old age quite yet. So, there's still a chance for Rogers to appear in the future, even if all his hair is gray.

After going on stage to present Captain America: New World Order, Mackie was asked if he had any hopes of Chris Evans coming back.

Anthony Mackie Hopeful for Chris Evans Return

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In a quick interview with Variety, when asked about the possibility of Chris Evans making an appearance in Captain America: New World Order, Anthony Mackie could only be hopeful saying, "If Sebastian gets Wyatt, I should get Chris:"

“I hope so, man. You know, Chris [Evans] is my boy. We all love and enjoy Chris. I’m highly upset that they put Sebastian in a movie with Wyatt and left me out. If Sebastian gets Wyatt, I should get Chris.”

Even though, in the past, Evans has been adamant about him being done, at least as Captain America, as he acknowledges the mantle has passed to Mackie's Sam Wilson, "I mean the truth is, the role isn’t even mine anymore. The role is Anthony Mackie’s."

Will Old Man Rogers Return?

It seems Anthony Mackie wouldn't be opposed to Chris Evans coming back, despite Evans seeming more reluctant. But it'd be cool to see an old Steve Rogers standing opposite a fully costumed Sam Wilson as Captain America.

It'd also be a missed opportunity to see Rogers learn about Carl Lumbly's Isaiah Bradley and be confronted with the horrible legacy enacted by his own government. However, many have a rightful fear of Rogers' appearance being a distraction from what is meant to be Wilson's movie.

Even if Rogers is absent, hopefully, fans will still be able to enjoy seeing Wilson's Captain America face off against Tim Blake Nelson's The Leader.

Audiences will see whether Rogers appears in Captain America: New World Order on May 3, 2024.

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