Marvel Star Casts Doubt on Chris Evans' MCU Return

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Marvel Studios is less than two years away from bringing the Star-Spangled Avenger back to the big screen as Anthony Mackie preps for his leading role in Captain America: New World Order. This will be his first time leading an MCU movie as the leading Avengers hero, taking over the responsibility from Chris Evans' Steve Rogers.

Following their last team-up effort in Avengers: Endgame, Evans, and Mackie enjoyed a "passing of the torch" moment in the movie's final scene when Rogers gave the Captain America shield and title to Wilson to close the Infinity Saga. Evans also made it clear that he was retiring from the MCU, leaving very little chance that he would bring his Captain America back into the equation anytime soon.

In recent weeks, Mackie expressed hope to see Evans come back in some capacity, joking about how Sebastian Stan gets Wyatt Russell's U.S. Agent in Thunderbolts as he's left without a partner of his own. But in a new interview, Mackie came back down to Earth for a minute, sharing Evans' own thoughts on where his future lies with Captain America.

Mackie Doubtful Evans Will Return to MCU

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Speaking with E! News, Captain America: New World Order star Anthony Mackie addressed the chances that Chris Evans returns to the MCU as Steve Rogers.

He joked about how far Marvel is on Evans' radar, noting how the former MCU star is "enjoying an old retired dude:"

"Chris is so far gone from Marvel. Like, Marvel is not even in his radius. He's so far gone. He's enjoying life. He's like an old retired dude."

Thankfully, the two have maintained a close relationship, which also includes Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan after their many years working together:

"It's not often you come across people you work with who you sincerely miss and consider friends. Fortunately, between the three of us, we're actually friends. We go to each other's houses and spend birthdays together."

Evans Unlikely to Return For Captain America 4

The past years have seen plenty of conflicting reports regarding Evans' potential return to the role of Captain America, especially after his story came to an end in Avengers: Endgame.

In early 2021, a report from Deadline indicated that Evans isn't done with Marvel Studios yet, with plans set behind the scenes for his Captain America to still play a role in the MCU. Since then, he's remained absent from all of Phase 4 with no signs pointing to where he could make another appearance in either Phase 5 or Phase 6.

But now, according to Mackie, Evans may be further away from an MCU return than these past reports indicated, as he seems quite content leaving the shield in the rearview mirror. While he maintains a great relationship with both Mackie and Stan after the Infinity Saga, Mackie now takes over the responsibility of being Captain America, particularly after his journey towards taking that role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Whether or not Evans returns is still a mystery, especially with major new movies like Avengers: Secret Wars in the early stages of development. But for the time being, Sam Wilson will shine as Captain America as the Avengers look to reassemble sometime in the near future.

Captain America: New World Order will debut in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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